Xbox Live Connection

I have an D-link Wireless adapter for my Xbox360 (The same one I used for my original xbox) and now my connection is really struggling all of a sudden. It shows me being able to connect to my wireless network then I do so but the connection only lasts for a few seconds and then all the "bars" of connectivity go away. Is this a problem with my houses internet, the adapter or the xbox?
Asked Aug 02, 2011
Move the box close to the modem. If the bars return, the box is located in a dead spot where the modem signal is weak. If they don't return when closer, something's wrong with the setup. That means if other devices using the wireless work normally, the problem is with your box. If they don't work either, it's with the modem.

You may also get some help in understanding the problem by connecting an ethernet cable between the modem and the box to make sure it is a wireless problem, and not something else.
Answered Aug 03, 2011

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