How would u start a social networking site using a school laptop?

i have a lenovo age 11 laptop with windows 7 and want to start a social networking site. can u help?
Asked Aug 02, 2011
To make a "real" social networking site you are going to have to throw down some money to buy a domain name and all that boring stuff. Are you looking to do something that serious or are you looking to do somethig just for fun?
Answered Aug 02, 2011
bit of both. I want a site that would be successful but also easy to run
What you can do with a school laptop depends how the Internet system at your school is set up. You could probably develop a social site on a laptop if you have the tools to do it but you would have a huge headache trying to run a social networking site that way. Make the site on the laptop then move it to a server.

Answered Aug 03, 2011
all apps are blocked on the laptop so what else would u consider
If you can't get access to a computer right now, read books from the library and learn as much as you can about programming.
Rob Aug 05, 2011
there's a very little section of computers in general at my skool library

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