Why don't many people believe?

Why don't a lot of people believe in Global Warming? I mean seriously all the evidence is right here in our faces on a daily basis. Okay so here is my perspective on the matter.

First and foremost, the earth's climate has been warming and cooling naturally for hundreds of millions of years, and has been both much cooler and much warmer that it is now. (Greenland got its name in the tenth century because it had a far milder climate than it does today!) The causes of this natural variation in climate temperature are several, but obviously human activity such as buring fossil fuels and thereby increasing the carbon dioxide (CO2) content of the atmosphere is not one of them since they have been occurring long before humans were around! Bottom line, therefore, is that there is nothing we humans can do to stop the climate from changing. The earth's climate has been very slowly warming since the last ice age some 20,000 years ago, with successive multi-decade long ups and downs in average temperatures. It actually has been cooling slightly since 1999, and appears to be in a slight downward trend, the duration of which is, of course, uncertain.

Unless the current slow upward trend in average global temperatures should continue for the next several centuries, there is little to no cause for any concern. Study of historic variations in climate suggest that a continued rise in average global temperature for such a prolonged period is unlikely. Predictions of massive melting of the polar ice caps by the end of this century, resulting in dangerous rise in sea levels, are unfounded and irresponsibly alarmist.

There is no reason to believe that our current global climate is the optimium one for humans. Actually, there would be a number of benefits that would come with a warmer climate, such as increased crop yields and lower death rates (presently colder weather causes more deaths than warmer weather world-wide).

What are your thoughts on the matter.
Asked Aug 01, 2011
Edited Aug 01, 2011
I'm sure that for every non believer there may be a different reason. Many think the evidence has been presented unfairly. Example:

Wolfram Alpha is a web site run by the producers of the Mathematica products. The site has a huge amount of data on every subject you can imagine including world weather data. They are not promoting either side of the global warming issue. Go to the Wolfram Alpha web site at the link below. In the drop down box that displays "Current Week," click the down arrow and select "All" data. It will do a regression analysis on the temp data of Greenland that shows a 1.8 degree per year DECLINE in temps.

Based on that information, I downloaded all of NASA's temp data and tried to find an error. What I found was that the temp rise was at the southernmost coastal stations. At the central and northern stations, temps were falling; the cause of the decline in the data.

Does that say that global warming isn't real? Absolutely not. But only looking at data that agrees with what you already believe convinces people that "all the evidence is in our faces" when it isn't. Look at temps in 1935-1936.

Please don't read into this that I am one of your disbelievers, I'm not. My belief is that a lot more work needs to be done to understand this unbelievably complicated issue.

Answered Aug 01, 2011
I completely understand your point of view on the matter, and after reading my beginning statements and looking into what you said; I'll have to rethink my previous statements; and I did kind of go overboard with the whole "the evidence is in our faces" but anyway thanks for your comment.
In my view, making the environmental issues hinge on world temps was a very stupid move. Every single thing that's advocated to deal with global warming would be an enormous benefit for the planet we live on even if world temps were getting cooler. Leaving the world in better condition than we found it should be the issue.
Rob Aug 01, 2011
im a christianso nautrualy im an unbeliever though I dont eliminate the posibility. the thing I agreewith u most is we could do nothing to stop it if we burnt half the fuel in the world it would only make a 1 degree change. I thing is that the world will end with fire
Answered Oct 24, 2011

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