Bunker Hill DVR alarm email does not work.

I have set all the parameters correctly for gmail. smtp.gmail.com. SMTP port 465 email and password is correct. incoming is pop.gmail.com. I even went back to the store and exchanged for a new dvr. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks
Asked Jul 30, 2011
In a google search, I can only find listings for businesses that market Bunker Hill security systems, none for support. I realize this doesn't solve your problem but, before you buy any technology, it's worth the time to do an Internet search to make sure support and contact information are available if you need it. I would put the problem back in the lap of the distributor that sold it to you.
Answered Jul 30, 2011
It's now 5 months later, and I'm finding myself in the same boat. Using gmail and the Bunker Hill DVR (68332 DVR Security System) and it doesn't send the alarm emails.

Doing some further trouble-shooting, I can tell that the device never even attempts to contact gmail. With a packet sniffer on my LAN, I can see that it is putting no packets on the network during or after it has started recording for motion-detected alarms.

Calling support this week during business hours, but based other reports, I'm not optimistic. I'm hoping, at best, to get, "That's a known problem. Download and install this firmware to fix it."
Answered Nov 27, 2011
Okay, so I should have read these comments before spending $165 on eBay for one of these.

Did you get new firmware? I'm not sure why you mentioned the pop.gmail.com, the unit is sending email, not receiving it, there is no line on the configuration menu (V4.5-V101221 firmware) to specify a pop server.

I can hear the audible alarm in response to motion, but I'm not sure that the unit does much else with this. Is there an "alarm log"?
Answered Dec 07, 2011
The email alerts are troublesome at best. This is the same unit sold as NightOwl, and others..

email can only be configured at the box, not by remote.. unfortunately...

Press Menu on your remote
(Log in if necessary)
First, go to network. (DNS fix)
set your DNS to (Google)
click on [Apply]
Go to Devices -> Alarm, check Email
click on Email Setup

Email: ON
SSL: Off (does not work.)
SMTP Port: 25
SMTP: (enter server IP or address here)
Send Email: (Your DVR's email account. make it 5m or less.)
Send PW: (Your DVR's email password)
recv email: (Your personal account)

On some boxes, there is a test button, if not, just save.

Now, what does it send?
Title: From your dvr's snap jpg
-- CHaa-yy-mm-dd-hh-mm-ss.jpg ---------------------
[ Photo ]

Filename: aa is channel number, 01-16
yy-mm-dd is date
hh-mm-ss is time.

If you have full time record with motion detection, you will get a jpeg.
If you record only when there is motion, I believe you get a short video.

Recommend full time record in either D1 (Full) or HD1 (Most).

D1 on 500G gets you just under 2 weeks on 4 cameras, HD1 is about 3.6 weeks. Full time recordings..

Now... to answer the next problem..

To get your footage off quickly, use a USB thumb drive (16G is best)

from the main screen, hit (sel) on the remote, and Video Search.
hit Search first, then select the date in the second section then hit File List.

You have to go screen to screen to check the files to download, but if you start at the last and get saavy at clicking the remote, you can quickly check every page (all checks visible entries only.) Once they are all checked, download to the thumb drive at once. (Can take 1-2 hours..)

Why? You might want a full day's video, motion and not, to review later. Remember, once the data is overwritten, it's gone.

Good luck (and if it dies, good riddance.)

As for support, there is none that I have ever heard of. Even NightOwl doesn't help beyond the manual.. NightOwl has firmware, but I don't know what is compatible.. If you are luck to find the Chinese guy who built these boxes (yes, it is from somewhere over there), he might be able to help.. I've dug the DLLs to find about 20 different companies he has built boxes for, but even my contacts over seas can't find him..

If I loose my current job, I plan to start building my own boxes.. I know what features I want.
Answered Feb 16, 2012
This is just what I needed.
racer Aug 03, 2012
Just wondering, I currently have the DNS address as the public ip for my router. If I change it as you recommend, will I lose my remote access from my cell phone. I think I would rather have the remote access than email alerts if this is a trade off.
Seion Feb 24, 2013
the trick to getting email alerts: what ever email client you are using...ie, google, yahoo, ATT, you need their DNS server number. for google it's, for others do a search for att dns or yahoo dns and it will tell you the dns numbers....then go into the network menu and change the DNS to what the dns numbers are for that server......(you will need to reboot) then go into the email setup and type in the email smtp server...ie for google smtp.gmail.com , your email and password and try all three ports ....25, 587, 465 with SSL on.

Hope that helps
Answered Jun 06, 2012
If there is interest in this....I can post how reset master password as well
folkart Jun 06, 2012
ok I need to reset my password
xdsone Jul 18, 2012
The user should have a DEVICE ID listed on the USER LOGIN screen in parentheses...it may vary from user to user....some are (000000) some are (111111). Enter the DEVICE ID in the device ID box. After leaving the DEVICE ID box the user shall then enter the master password 519070 into the PASSWORD box. Press the menu button twice on the remote then press apply.

That should do it.

Hope that helps.
Answered Sep 04, 2012
Here was my fix.

I could not have done it without the help of the other users above.

First I went to "http://www.nightowlsp.com/Products/Discontinued-Items_2/LION-4500#" as it is the EXACT same model as the Bunker Hill 68332. I then found the firmware download button at the bottom and downloaded the firmware that they offer for that product. Direct Link is "http://www.nightowlsp.com/core/media/media.nl?id=14612&c=640242&h=f6b9587b55318d734c13".

Once it was downloaded the version number of the firmware they use is different than Bunker Hill so this presented a challenge. After following the instructions in the .txt for uploading that firmware my DVR said that there was no new updates available. So I assumed it had to be an issue with how the firmware was named (it looked for a higher number in the name to allow an upgrade). I looked at my DVR's firmware model and it was a V4.5-V120215. So I renamed the first numbers between the first two V's to 120216 (one number higher than 120215. Then attempted to upgrade. It seemed like it was going to accept it by saying it was upgrading. After it rebooted I looked at the firmware version and it hadnt updated. Then I got the idea that it was looking at multiple numbers in the upload and was requiring them ALL to be higher numbers. So I changed ALL numbers between all the V's to 120216. SO the file name then appeared as "AL9004_V120216V120216V120216V120216". then attempted to upload from that and it WORKED!. When the device rebooted the firmware version was now V4.5-V101030 (the 101030 was the original last set of numbers between the last two V's). SO now my device has the latest WORKING firmware version that NightOwl had developed for this device before it was discontinued.

All of my configuration settings were still there.

Here are the settings I used.

Email: ON
SMTP: smtp.gmail.com
Send Email: [email protected]###########.com (my email is hosted by Google Apps)
Send PW: ##########
RECV Email: [email protected]###########.com

This will also work by using a regular [email protected] account as a send email

Since im using gmail I HAD to set my devices DNS settings to

I have FULL recording on so that it would only send me a .jpg when ever it detected motion on my camera 1.

I Applied the settings and for the 5000th time I ran out side and waved my arms in view of the camera.

About 25 seconds later my email account received and email from my DVR with a .jpg attached of me standing there.

When I saw it come in I was so incredibly happy. I have spent COUNTLESS HOURS.. atleast 15+ (over the course of a month) trying to get this to work.

Just to test it out again I ran out there again and withing a few seconds another one came in!!! so happy if you cant tell.

SO now I went on to the next thing I wanted. My email to send me TEXT alerts when ever it received an email from my DVR. SO first I sent a text message (Iphone with AT&T) to my [email protected]#########.com so I could find my phones "text message email address". Once I had that I went to settings in my gmail account and then to forwarding. I added that address to the forward list and it sent me a confirmation number. Once I confirmed that on my gmail account I enabled forwarding to that number and hit save.

I ran back out in view of the camera and with in about 45 secs my email account had forwarded the message from my DVR to my cell in text message form with the picture attached.

AND BAM. Thats how you fix the Bunker Hill Item 68332 Email Alerts like a BOSS.

Your welcome.
Answered Apr 12, 2013
I upgraded successfully but still do not get emails to come through. I thought you had the answer for me but great catch anyway finding the exact model on Nightowl. I setup a local email server and I can see that it is trying as AUTH PLAIN or AUTH LOGIN or AUTH CRAM-MD5 from the session files but then just sits there and times out after 30 seconds. Still hacking at it Thanx from Denver Colorado [email protected]
Thanks to this comment I was able to upgrade firmware and get email alerts on my bunkerhill 68332 I download firmware from link above from Techie85 and pc software just in case I loose cd. I took me months but thanks to this site I got it,,,,,,now I need to figure out how to view it on my android phone.
Finally got all the features working on the bunkerhill 68332 working the last thing was viewing on my phone and is working with kmeye app for android
You are very welcome Ricom -Techie85
Techie85: you are a freakin genius. Works EXACTLY as you said. I was a losing hope bro but you saved the day! \Now on to sending the email to the cell phone!
zkt Feb 25, 2014
I strong recommend Swann DVR SYSTEM obtainable from Matalan or from Amazon UK, IT COME WITH SOFTWARE AND ALSO A BUILT IN SET UP WIZARD ON THE DVR UNIT.

The only thing you have to set up is your internet email account ,use the recommend Swann DDNS free domain account , open a separate gmail account specifically for the DVR and the fullow all set up instruction, it is so easy one dose not require the services of an IT specialist.
Answered Nov 09, 2013
all you have to do is change dns setting in dvr to none of that updating stuff.
Answered Apr 22, 2015

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