Weird shadows and symbols?

every morning like around 7 or 6;30 I look in my backyard and I see shadows on the wall, they look like a dog and a demon and a fish sort of thing. is that a sign ? is there a secret meaning to it ? I also wake up in the middle of the night and see a tall man watching me sleep but I cant see his face , my brother also saw him too hes 30 , and all around the house me , my mom , and brother see people walking past and then nobodys there . is there somewhere I can see what is happening. we can feel a people inside our house , they dont do anything but its been happening for 7 years. please help.
Oh and my mom said that they used to bury mafia members under this house and that there might be a whole family under our house with the research has done.
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Asked Jul 30, 2011
Edited Jul 31, 2011
As many ghost stories as I've heard in my life (and I've heard many), I've never heard of one harming anybody. If what you sense in your house has been there for seven years, they are obviously friends that you have no reason to fear. You should feel comfortable with them by now.

It's when you go away from home that you should be concerned. The people to fear aren't images you may sometimes see or people you sense being in a room with you at home, it's live, walking, talking people out there on the street that want to take your money, your freedom or your life.
Answered Jul 30, 2011
it could be as demon that either hunts u,the house, or its in your blood line anyway thats a demon as long as they don't threaten u or take away your rights to be religous and other stuff then I guest your ok. You might have some spiritual energy too that might attract them you see theres a possibility they want something from you or want to take something from you or there just lost souls that repeat the same actions over and over I think its just called a memory and is minelessly reapeated at the same place,Time,And Hour
Answered Jul 31, 2011
i mean it could be as demon that either haunts u,the house,

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