How do I get driver side power window on 91 Camry to raise?

My 91 Toyota Camry front driver side power window is stuck in the down position and no matter how much I fool with the switch, won't move. The other 3 windows work fine. I am 1/2 way decent with auto repair, not so much with auto electrical. Thanks Bob in Ohio
Asked Jul 29, 2011
I'd take the panel off and make sure the window is loose enough in the tracks to move freely. If it it's stuck, free it up.

If it's not stuck, use a voltmeter to make sure there is voltage going to the switch and to the motor when the switch is depressed. If there's no voltage to the switch check the fuse. If there's voltage to the switch but not the motor, the switch is bad. If there's voltage to the motor but it's not moving, the motor is bad.
Answered Jul 29, 2011

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