Am I pregnant? what are my chances?

me and my girlfriend just had sex yesterday. This sex included of me putting my penis inside of her for around five seconds and then taking it out and then around ten seconds later putting in back in for another five seconds. I did not ejaculate inside of her. Her period ended three or four days before we had the unprotected sex. Do you think she will be pregnant? What are the percentages?
Asked Jul 27, 2011
Nobody could mathematically calculate the percentages but they favor that she will not get pregnant. It works much better if you calculate the percentages BEFORE you do it. Condoms and birth control greatly improve the percentages and keeping it in your pants is fool-proof. :-)
Answered Jul 27, 2011
Do you want to or no? I'm not saying you HAVE to but like Rob said No one could calculate the percentages mathematically. Try a docter later on if you think she's picking on some weight. I hope this helps.
Answered Aug 01, 2011
Anytime you have unprotected sex you run the risk of a pregnancy... sorry to break it to you. You are just going to have to wait it out. Going forward though.. use condoms... it's way better than the worry and anxiety you are experiencing now. And use an antibacterial penis health creme too... this will keep your penis extra clean and decrease the chances of you giving her some of your nasty bacteria. I use one and my girlfriend really appreciates it. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Oct 23, 2017

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