How to tell if my friend thats a girl likes me

OK i'm a bisexual 18 year old girl. I like this particular girl, who used to be my best friend but lately we haven't been able to hang out because we are always busy so we aren't as close as we used to be. And now we are planning to hang out soon. I'm excited to see her, because I completely adore her but i'm not sure whether shed be interested to try things out with me. she knows i'm bi and shes fine with it and sometimes she seems interested but i'm not sure. we'd always be kinda touchy with each other but I didn't know I was bi then. we would always "groom" each other. for example id touch her face and brush her hair back and shed do the same also lightly touch our body's. but now since I know i'm bi and she does as well... should I make a move on her when I hang out with her? and what do you think her reaction would be?

oh ya BTW she says shes straight and I know she likes guys but I wonder if shes a little bi curious any ideas?
Asked Jul 24, 2011
Watch her actions. Study how he acts, speaks, and all that with you. If it differs from how she acts, and all that; Then there is a possibility that she likes you. There is also a simple way of asking her :]
Answered Jul 24, 2011
ask her to touch yo titties
Answered Jul 29, 2011

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