What are content writing sites that will leave all or most copy rights to the author?

So I am narrowing my search to the content writing sites that will leave most copy rights to the author. Do you know sites like that? I would like to publish something but I am worried about retaining copy rights to my article. I am interested more in that than the income I may expect from my writing.
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Asked Jul 20, 2011
You can put a copyright tag on anything you write but enforcing it is another matter. The Internet and public domain are almost synonymous. When you post something to the Internet, you lose control forever unless you use your encryption system.

Imagine a copyright lawsuit for material that you personally posted into a system with almost a billion people sitting at computers with Select All, Copy and Paste? It would be like throwing a big wad of money off the Empire State Building and wanting to charge the people that picked it up below with stealing it.

Answered Jul 20, 2011
Edited Jul 20, 2011
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Answered Oct 30, 2019

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