Is my sister making him seem like he's really into me?

well , first off I met this guy , and he's really nice and super sweet , and we've already been going out for five months now . we broke up a little while ago - got back together , anyways , my sister says that she's planning something special with him . and so naturally she wont tell me . so then I go onto her facebook ( I know very wrong , I suppose the saying "curiosity kills the cat" fits nicely here) but when I looked at their messages together , she brought up the idea about the special thing (which is just suprising me by coming over ) then he didnt seem very enthusiastic about it . all he said was "hahaha , yeah that seems like a good idea " . then later when I asked her about it and asked "did he come up with it or did you " then she said "well I told him about it but then he said , 'oh my gosh! that's exactly what I was thinking!" .

and I wasnt about to be like I know youre lying . so , yess , what should I do about it ?
Asked Jul 12, 2011
Great to see that you're back. We missed you.
Rob Jul 12, 2011
We don't just hear/read words as they are. We often reinterpret them based on our experiences and paraphrase (we're not perfect recorders. either). This could be misinterpretation/miscommunication, she could have spoken to him on text or something so you could only have half the story... or she's got something up her sleeve, although I don't yet see any motivation for that.

So, I'd say, don't let on yet. Don't get hopes up or down. Just watch the situation, gather more information, and respond when you have more information... that is IF a response is necessary.

And..... You're right. You totally invaded her privacy by logging into her fb. She must have trusted you to give you the pw, and you betrayed that trust. Not cool. Think of how violated you would feel if someone did that to you.
Answered Jul 12, 2011
yeah , and guess what ?
THE KID CHEATED ON ME . guess he really wasnt into me .
loveya Jul 13, 2011
Ugh. So sorry. Remember, sometimes it's good to sit and watch and don't let other people know what you're thinking until you have enough info to act. Sounds like you've got good instincts, though.
nehh , I found out from friends . he was all lovey dovey with some chick . and then I messaged him and he says "there's no such thing as love in middle school , it was ALL JUST A GAME ." oh my gosh . that made me angry
loveya Jul 13, 2011
What!? You know you're better off without him. He might have a point about there being no love in middle school---that is very young to understand what that really means---but playing games with others' feelings is inappropriate at any age...
i totally agree , and I never really loved any of the boyfriends that i've had in middle school , or anywhere for that matter . and then I told him that I only said that I loved him to make me feel better then he said "to make me feel better ? hun , I only said I loved you because that's what girls wanna hear . "
wow .
ohh well . but the other girl whom he cheated on me with is only in seventh grade and she told him she was going into eighth . cannot WAIT until I see what happens there . then again he blocked me ... sorry , im venting ! :/
loveya Jul 22, 2011

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