How do u tell if the girl u like, likes u

how do u tell ifthe girl u like, likes u ???
any help will be apresated
Asked Jul 09, 2011
If you invite her to do something with you, she'll accept. If she doesn't like you, she'll say something like, "I'd love to but I've got so much going on right now..."
Answered Jul 10, 2011
Edited Jul 10, 2011
I agree with Rob on this one.
yepp , me too .
loveya Jul 12, 2011
agree wif rob :)
jayjay Jul 13, 2011
I agree and I'm a girl.
It's likely that she will like you because you like her.
That happened to me.
Love can bounce back. (unless she doesn't like you)
She will show the same signs that any girl would like these:
Play with hair/necklace/scarf/bracelet/etc.
(not at the same time! haha)
Look at you
Blush or smile or blush and smile when she talks to you
It depends who the girl is.
Answered Mar 26, 2013
Shes right I do that with the guy I like. Its a big hint if she is very engaged with you. In anything you do.
You can tell by the way she looks at you. Is it a look of love or annoyance?
Answered Mar 27, 2013
me I like to hang around them alot like theres tnis boy I go to school with his name is austin lewis and hes HOT so I hint at it and I try to hang around him and talk to him alot like we were in gym 2day and we were riding carts with polyester wheels and he didn't notice but I was staring at him the whole time
Answered Mar 27, 2013

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