Bisexual likes Straight gal!

I as bisexual gal like one straight gal.I sms her to show my concern to her and even never talk to her for a long time...till I muster courage to indicate to start conversation with her.She seem dun look pleased....but before I start talking,i always sense she sometimes look at me when I am doing things..!I dun know what she is thinking but I know I like her a lot...!
I know it is hard to get straight girl to like me.I guess she is yet aware abt the bisexual or gay things.
One time I sms her whether I have honour to date her out on weekend.She never reply at all..i suspect she know I like her.Am I right..??Do she suspect I like her despite of what I have done to her...??
Asked Jul 02, 2011
It sounds like she is knows how you feel. It also sounds like she cannot date you because she does not date girls. Maybe you should try to like a girl who likes girls. Good luck.
Answered Jul 02, 2011
I'm surely not qualified to hand out relationship advice these days, but liking st8 girls is nothing but pain. Avoid it at all cost. I'm bi and probably much older than you. You can't flip a st8 girl. It just gets creepy and someone gets hurt.
Answered Jul 10, 2011
i dont no much but good luck
Answered Jul 10, 2011
Ill be honest with you I don't think its worth waiting for her to like you cause she doesn't like girls and its true what you say its hard to get a straight girl to like you but you can't help your feeling can you but I'd leave it as its not worth waiting when you could find someone who is bisexual aswell and you cuz date them.
Answered Oct 23, 2011
I went through the exact same thing your going through. It sounds like she does know you like her and she may be either curious (bi-curious) or may actually be bi but is ashamed to admit her feelings. My advice is talk to her, build a strong friendship then she what happens from there, don't rush anything though cas she might get uncomfortable and you could ruin a great friendship! Hope I helped :)
Answered Jul 24, 2013
*see what happens from there

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