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What type of currency for this ? =====> € ... Are that is in USD ?
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Anonymous User
Asked Jun 23, 2011
That's the currency symbol for the Euro.

Currently 1 US Dollar = 0.704702 Euro or 1 Euro = 1.41904 USD converted the other way.
Answered Jun 23, 2011
Euro and USD ... There are same or differences ... which one is mor big ?
I don't know that you can say one is "bigger" than the other. Those are the exchange rates if you're trading dollars for euros or euros for dollars. The rates are set by the bid and ask price in the Forex money markets. If something happens that makes one more valuable than the other, traders can make money on the spread so the relative values are constantly changing based on what traders think they are worth.

If you got paid in euros, the number on your paycheck would be 70 percent of what it would be if you're paid in dollars but it would buy about the same things. It's more a statement of relative value than which is bigger.

Rob Jun 23, 2011
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Answered Sep 19, 2017

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