Can anyone help? Its about my shower.

You know how when you turn on your shower and turn the hot or cold knob and then you turn the middle knob so the water can stop coming from the bottom and the water is come from the shower head right?. Well every time I take a shower and twist the middle knob water kept coming from the bottom (nothings wrong with the top). Does anyone knows what that means?
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Asked Jun 16, 2011
If you have three knobs, the center knob is called the diverter valve. The diverter valve can leak just like a leaky faucett. When that happens, the diverter doesn't close off the route to the tub and the water doesn't make it to the shower head.

You repair a diverter just like the valves in the hot and cold faucets. Turn off the water supply, remove and replace the valve stem.

EHow video:
Answered Jun 16, 2011
Edited Jun 16, 2011

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