Trimming video clips.

I have a number of video clips which, to save space, I wish to shorten by taking a bit off the start or end.
Which is the easiest method/software/etc to use?
Using Windows 7.
Asked Jun 16, 2011
That's a feature any video editing software would have. Do a search for "Video Editing Software." There's a lot of it and some say it's free.
Answered Jun 16, 2011
To copy old home VHS videos to DVD, first, the videos should be transferred from the VHS analog tap to computer, where it can be edited and improved. Once the VHS videos edited to perfection, you can copy the final version to a DVD.

Your computer must have a video capture card (or a similar device) that can capture or convert the analog video signal from the VHS tape to a digital format. Don’t worry; most modern computers are more than up to the task.

To edit videos, you can download a software which is easy to use. Video Magic is a professional video editing and converting tool that will solve the problem.

With internal video editor of Video Magic, users can trim video clips as you like, crop video screen size to retain what you want, merge multiple videos into a single video, add text watermark and add .srt subtitle as you wish. Just run the program, and find the corresponding icons. Video Magic has a fool-style operation interface, so you can easily manage to tweaked videos well.

Finally, write the whole project out to a DVD-R using your PC’s rewritable DVD drive. So the videos should still be playable for years to come, long after the VHS tape has degraded into dust. Once you have all your tools in place and know how to use them, you can archive your old videos quickly onto quality DVDs.

Answered Dec 09, 2011

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