I have a feet fetish and I am 13 its driving me crazy at school because every one is walkng on socks

i am a 13 year boy and I have a feet fetish and its drivin me crazy because at our school we need to take of our shoe's and then you understand my point I already tried sniffing girls shoe's but its not Enough plaese tips and real tips because else your just be wasting energy and time or else just klick the red butten in the right cornner wirh the x how can make it a want thing I cant talk because I am ashamed I think there gonna freak out everything I did is a seceret I think there gonno think I am peverted or crazy or somting
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Asked Jun 11, 2011
Edited Jun 11, 2011
If you talk to a counselor, I'll guarantee your story will be far from the craziest they have ever heard. Sometimes we develop problems that we need help with. If that were not the case, there would be no need for counselors. The truly "crazy" people are those who realize they have a problem but fail to ask for help. Your choices are to either deal with it now or wait until it becomes more difficult.
Rob Jun 11, 2011
I second that.
The people that answer questions here understand what to do when they feel they would be wasting their time.

I don't know if you're looking for tips on how to get a better whiff or if it's to the point that you're trying to change. If it's interfering with doing your school work or making problems with other students, you need to talk to your parents or a school counselor about it.
Answered Jun 11, 2011
Edited Jun 11, 2011
I agree.
talk to a counselor
Get yourself the book titled "THE SEX LIFE OF THE FOOT AND SHOE" by William A. Rossi. ISBN # 0-89464-573-0 (HARD COVER) or ISBN # 0-89464-756-3 (PAPERBACK).

This book will explain a lot of your feelings and help to serve as a guide.

There are also a few websites that could act as a support group to some extent such as sandalsx.com, hhp.org and heels4men.net.

Good Luck


Answered Jan 25, 2012
Im 14 and got a foot fetish and I know wht u meen. but ask for help because if u ever get caught smelling the girls shoes it will be like living hell. just ask for help and I know its hard but try to ignore it before u try differnt things.
Answered Mar 13, 2012
I am 16 and I have a foot fetish and instead of hide it, all my friends know about it, and they let me sniff their shoes and play with their feet :) they find it funny instead of weird
Answered Jun 05, 2012
ok im not trying to start any trouble but thats kinda weird
Well, what I have to say is keep your fetish out of school, cause if you got caught kids will tease you, and you will be that freaky kid that sniffs shoes...maybe go to a bowling alley or something.
Answered Oct 03, 2012
thanks for all your awnsers I am 15 now and the awnsers helpen
I Told couple of friends and acctually managed to get "good with the ladies"
Using my foot fetish
Answered Nov 07, 2013

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