Best place for mp3 music downloads?

Just as the question goes, was just wondering what's the best place for mp3 music downloads? Nothing fishy of course.

Where do you guys prefer to download mp3 music songs from, any favorite site or piece of software that can be used to download mp3 tracks legally?

Will appreciate any ideas.Thanks.
Asked Jun 09, 2011
Actually if you're interested in online music streaming and internet streaming radio stations, suppose I can give a hint as well on the whole mp3 music downloads deal.

There are so many web streaming radios round the internet that it's absolutely impossible not to find at least a dozen that have most of the music you like, from any genre, artist and country. Since you say you don't have any problem listening to streaming radios' mp3 music online on the computer but you need to download mp3 music tracks for mobile devices or anything like this, you can just download mp3 music from online radios.

Well not really download web radios mp3, but rather record and convert internet streaming radios music to mp3 tracks for time shifting on mobile devices or mp3 player and so on. There's actually some Audials software that can do this :

Also use it myself to record online radios music to mp3 in good quality for time-shifting on the mp3 player, it's fast and gets you good quality mp3 music without any problems.

Just remember not to share the music u get this way anywhere, it's for personal use only.
Answered Jun 22, 2011
Really?Dunno what to say, yeah guess I should be able to find some web radios that stream music for my taste and use 'em.

But it never crossed my mind that you can actually record web radios streaming music to mp3 files to computer or anything like this. Hope though you don't just record from web radios one large music file with this kinda programs cause then mp3 music downloads from some other sources would be much more convenient for me.
I like iTunes streaming radio section. I listen to that most days while I'm working. I love that I can choose from hundreds of stations in different genres and countries. I'm diggin' it and finding lots of new music I wouldn't know to look for and wouldn't have paid to experiment with.
My point exactly, online streaming radios can be a great opportunity to find lots of new music you would not be able to find out about otherwise not to mention it's budget friendly. You just choose a web radio station, stream it and if you don't find it interesting enough, you move on to another one and another one and so on.

You simply cannot imagine how much music is out there and how many web radios' music streaming is actually quite good.

Btw, about that Audials program question, nope of course you don't get one file. You get individual mp3 tracks after you record web radio streaming music with it. Pretty useful if u ask me.
I love streaming music at work, except the phone keeps ringing, and I hv to answer it since that's my job. lol
@melviner, I totally agree.
If your Internet Service Provider allows connection to News Groups via UseNet, there are around 2500 locations under the search heading, "Music." If they don't provide it, you can get access via HTTP but you may have to pay for the access. Search for "UseNet Providers."

Usenet is the old Internet and it can be very raw so be forewarned. You may see about anything you can imagine on there.

Answered Jun 09, 2011
Edited Jun 09, 2011
Hmm, cool thanks for the tip, don't think I ever used this one to download mp3s.
Usenet is NNTP rather than HTTP. If you need NNTP newsreader software, SourceForge's Power Grab works great and it's free.
Rob Jun 17, 2011
thanks again, didn't get to try it out yet but the extra info should be helpful.
cool retro
I like I also use iTunes (you don't have to have a Mac or an iPod) and Amazon.
Answered Jun 09, 2011
emusic never used it to download mp3 music so it's worth checking out, already know about the rest of the mp3 downloads sources u mentioned but thanks for the ideas as well.
Just found out that gives away a free mp3 daily in 4 different genres: pop, rock, urban & country.
I usually just go online to youtube or other streaming site like this one to listen to online streaming music, think lately I don't even download mp3 tracks to my hard disk since I can pretty much stream and listen to whatever music I want on the web.

But anyhow, guess Amazon is a pretty good place to start if you wanna find and download mp3 tracks, that is if you just absolutely have to download mp3s and are not happy with streaming music online.

Answered Jun 16, 2011
I also listen to online streaming music on the web on streaming sites like youtube and others, but sometimes I just have to get mp3 music and save it to my hard disk.

You never know when I need to get mp3 music on my cell phone or some other portable devices and I don't have any mp3 downloads to choose from.
Good places to download mp3 tracks dunno, I rarely download mp3's .

Usually use grooveshark to listen to online streaming music, they let you make playlists with the music you find round there, think they also let you upload music but didn't use that feature too much and other such stuff.

They also have some subscription that lets you stream music to your mobile,if you're worried that you need to download mp3s just to have what to listen to when you are away from home.

Pretty useful for me, no use to download mp3 tracks since I can stream music whenever I want.
Answered Jun 17, 2011
Myeah, heard about that one.

Think I even used the free version as well some time ago, dunno though how the mobile subscription works though.

Rather not get such a thing if they only let you stream music on the phone, would much rather download and transfer mp3s to the cell than just stream music.

Plus god knows what cell phones are compatible with this, bet you need a fancy schmancy one.:d .!
Answered Jun 17, 2011
Thanks for the tip, wondering where do they download mp3 tracks from. Youtube only or I didn't see that right?
Dunno what to say about the whole mp3 music streaming deal, especially when it comes to mobile phones.

I mean, on the computer there are plenty of sites and web streaming radios and social radios that you can go to stream and listen to any mp3 music tracks you want all day long without any problems.

But on mobile phones is kinda tricky to just stream mp3 music tracks from web or streaming radios or anything like this, suppose it eats up a lot of bandwidth not to mention drains the battery. To be really worth it, would be cool to find some streaming source that allows you offline mp3 music playback or something like this if you use the phone all the time to stream and listen to mp3 music.

If u just wanna listen to mp3 music downloads on the computer, than I say web streaming sites and internet radios are quite an ok source for music.
Answered Jun 20, 2011
Dunno what to say either, not so sure about the mp3 streaming music deal. I mean I probably listen mostly to music on computer but it also happens to need some mp3 music downloads for my cell phone or mp3 player or something like this.

Suppose I can't just stick to streaming sites and music streaming web radios and nothing else, need to download mp3 tracks for listening when I'm away from home.
"www.alomob .com" the web site is for mp3 music player either u can download videos pic or what elso but he is really cool for mp3 for sure
Answered Jun 20, 2011
Thanks, gonna check out the site u recommend fro mp3 music downloads, nothing fishy I hope.
Ur welcome any time :)
bouchra Jun 21, 2011
To be really worth it, would be cool to find some streaming source that allows you offline mp3 music playback or something like this if you use the phone all the time to stream and listen to mp3 music.
Answered Mar 29, 2012
Video Demo:

Want to save to your favorite songs, radio programs and audio from your Mac? Any audio or sound playing on your Mac such as: streaming music, online courses, lectures, radio programs, CD/DVD tracks, VoIP Calls, voice from microphones, etc.

AllMyMusic for Mac is designed to record any sound playing on your Mac to MP3 and M4A files without quality loss. Moreover, the program can detect muted sections and split audio tracks automatically.

* Record Streaming Audio from YouTube, Napster, Rhapsody, BBC, Pandora, Spotify...
* Record Songs from CD and DVD
* Record conversation from applications like Skype, MSN, etc.
* Record sound from microphones and other devices
* Automatically split tracks and filters out ads while recording

More Info:
Answered Jan 11, 2013
As downloading from illegal website is not preferable. But As most of all songs are being hosted on youtube via Official Artist and Channels. You can surely listen and watch it on youtube. So many websites provide tool to convert youtube video to mp3 file format. You just need to search your favorite song URL from youtube and paste in and you can convert to mp3 free and its legal too. Or you can try and search any song there as they also using Youtube to fetch results and simply convert any song to mp3 and download free and legally.

Hope this will help. :)
Answered Jun 03, 2016

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