Very, very confused:| help please?

i need help:/ how do I know if I gay or bi?
i can't explain it, I prefer boys, but I like girls?
and my friend uploaded a photo of her and her friends on the beach in bikinis and I was looking at the men behind them:|
am I gay>.< ?
Asked Jun 04, 2011
There is no rule that all of us have to hang labels on ourselves to describe exactly how we feel about everything. You are who you are. Maybe today you like something and tomorrow you will like something entirely different. Is there anything wrong with that? Just think your own thoughts and walk your own walk. The confusion isn't within you, it's from comparing yourself to others. Be who YOU are and everything will be fine.
Answered Jun 04, 2011
I'd say just relax, if you can, and don't try to force yourself to feel or think anything in particular. When it's clear, it's clear.
Answered Jun 05, 2011

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