Javascript has the capability of doing tasks that can also be done using other languages.

Can someone plz explain if it can be done with any other languages, or should you just use the other language, or stick with JavaScript? Plz help guys, thks and god bless you all.
Or can someone please tell me of a website that has more detailed information on Javascripts? to better help me out.

Asked May 30, 2011
Edited May 30, 2011
Some languages support different types of projects better than others. For example if you were producing an audio editing system, you would want a language that offered supportive functions for dealing with the computer's sound features. Otherwise you would spend a lot of time reinventing the wheel.

What usually controls the language decision is the support for that type project offered by the language, whether the server or computer targeted for the project supports that language and what languages the developers understand. The last one is a biggie. Every project begins with a skeletal vision of how it will perform the task. It's very difficult to form such visions in a system you don't understand.

You can do about anything with the better known languages, the question is most often decided by what will get you there first with some black ink remaining on your bank statement..
Answered May 30, 2011
Thanks very much rob :) has EXCELLENT training videos for all the big ones... and software, etc. It's a great learning tool at about $25/month. You can probably find a 30-days free offer by doing a search.
Answered May 31, 2011
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