Why am I scared to talk to her?

I like this girl that goes to my church. I have only talked to her one time in the past 6 months that I have went to this church. She looks amazing. I notice her everytime she walks in the room. When she smiles it like the whole world brightens up. I talk to her parents and her grandparents all the time They seem to like me. I just cant seem to get the courage to talk to her again. I know she is a really nice girl. I know church is not the best place to meet a girl. I told one of my friends that I like her and I think he told her. HINT: That's why I cant talk to her. She is a college girl. I get really nervous when im around her because all I can say is HI and how are u? That is all. I really like her and I dont know how to get the nerve to talk to her? I dont know if she likes me or not? By the way I dont know if she has a boyfriend? at her high school graduation she is hugging this guy but I dont know if there boyfriend and girlfriend. I just might be scared of rejection because my mom walked out of my life and my dad isnt any walk in the park either. Need MAJOR HELP ON THIS ONE. THANKS
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Asked May 25, 2011
Edited May 25, 2011
okay...well...if ur scared to get rejected, dnt be...there are planty of fis h in the sea that would Love to be there fo ryou n ur world...that gurl could be the start of something new and great...dnt be down, n if that doesnt help just know...there are planty of other ppl who get rejected...hope that helps...
(fear was at the door. faith answered. no one waws there.) remember...
Answered May 31, 2011
It is probably just the stress of asking someone. I am a big chicken and wouldnt even know how to ask a guy out. And I know its harder than it looks but you have to believe in yourself and be possitive that you will exceed.
Answered May 25, 2011
im a guy and im also chicken I could never[for now]ask someone out
You won't talk to her because your shy and I am guessing she hard to talk to....o guess so
Answered May 26, 2011
I actually think a spiritual community is a good place to meet someone. You know you have common values. You get to know their families and get a better sense of who they are not who they want you to think they are, etc. Our temple is where I found my fiancé...

You mentioned, "She is a college girl." If she's over 18 and you aren't, it's a non-starter. Sorry.
Answered Jun 01, 2011
im over 18 and she is over 18 too
mackey Jun 02, 2011
Find something interesting to talk about, or just ask her a bunch of (*interesting*) questions (not non-sequitors, she'll pick up on that and think you're stupid).
Also, it turns out that people usually don't care what you say, only how much you say - if you talk a lot and can keep a conversation going and be in the spotlight for a while, you look cool, even if you're not really talking about anything too interesting. Trust me, it's how I pick up chicks all the time, I just go on about something random and just the mere fact that I'm talking makes them think I'm really cool and interesting.
Answered Jun 03, 2011

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