How to download or save Netflix streaming movies and videos?

I was rather curious to find out, if it's possible, how to download or save Netflix streaming movies and videos to my computer for easier viewing without having to have an internet connection on it or something like this.

Is there any possibility at all to download streaming videos or movies from Netflix?
Asked May 23, 2011 has an article on that subject:
Answered May 23, 2011
Thanks for the tip on the article about how to download Netflix streaming videos, checked it out a while back.
Well you know, actually you can't really download streaming movies or videos from your netflix watch instantly subscription, there's no download button.

Since they're streaming movies you can only stream them online.

However, indeed you can try to record and save Netflix streaming movies or videos from watch instantly with some screen recorder software or something like this.
Answered May 23, 2011
Well yeah, after all doesn't matter if you can't download Netflix streams as long as it's possible to record streaming movies from Netflix, since there's a solution to the problem one way or another.
I for one honestly don't see the point of going through all that trouble to try to find out how to download or save Netflix streaming movies and videos from that Watch Instantly subscription.

As far as I know, you can stream them on almost anything so why the need to download Netflix streaming movies or tv shows or anything like this?
Answered May 24, 2011
Yeah, "stream" is the word. The reason I was wondering how to save netflix movies or tv shows was that I needed to save up a couple of movies for going away on vacation, where probably won't have internet connection to stream them directly.
Ye of little vision. Why download? Because two movie's uses all the bandwidth I have for a month on my iPad Verizon account. If I could download them at home and copy to my iPad then I could watch them at the gym while using the treadmill without having to pay $100/mon or more for bandwidth...
Hmm, not that familiar with Netflix but since you say they have streaming movies it should not be that hard to find out how to download Netflix streaming videos or movies.

There was that video downloader add on for firefox, don't remember exactly how it was called, maybe you can use that one to download and save streaming movies and videos from Netflix.

It's worth checking out, at least.
Answered May 25, 2011
The idea to use some video downloader program to download Netflix streaming videos or movies or anything like this is totally not applicable.

Netflix movie streams must have some protection onto them that would prevent anyone to download Netflix streaming movies the way you usually do it with any ordinary video streaming site.

Definitely need to use some special Netflix Downloader or Recorder.
Answered May 30, 2011
Might be mistaking, but I think I saw somewhere round the web some solutions to capture or download and save Netflix streaming movies, videos, tv shows to your hard disk on macs.

It involved some kind of screen recording method I think and you would simply record Netflix video streams while they playback or something similar.

Should be worth checking out on google, if you're on a mac.
Answered May 31, 2011
Not on a mac, so definitely need to find some Netflix Downloader or Recorder or whatever this kinda software is called that works to capture Netflix streams on my windows computer. Great tip, though.
Actually, you can as well use the screen recording method to record and save Netflix streaming movies or tv shows on windows computers to solve the problem, if you are on a windows computer of course.

You can find at least a couple of screen recorder programs on google that should work as well to capture, record and save streaming movies from Netflix Watch Instantly.
Answered Jun 01, 2011
Good tip on those screen recorder programs, didntt really cross my mind to try to use one of those to capture netflix streaming movies and tv shows while they play till you mentioned it here.

Though a bit of a longshot since I dunno exactly which one actually works for netflix streams without glitches.
Screen capturing is definitely the best way to solve this and to be able to save Netflix movie and video streams without any problems.

If you want you can take a closer look at Audials Tunebite, it works in the same way screen capture or recording programs work only of course better:

This one can capture, record and save Netflix streaming movies videos and tv shows and save the Netflix recordings fast as fresh new video files in excellent quality.

I've also used it to capture streaming movies from Netflix and I must say I was happy with the the job every time. Just remember that if you use it to record Netflix video streams you can only use the recordings for personal use, they're not for sharing anywhere on the internet.
Answered Jun 02, 2011
You should also say that the product you're promoting costs between 26 and 59 dollars, depending on the version you buy.
Rob Jun 02, 2011
Not promoting anything, just thought might be helpful since it helped me solve the problem...

And after all who can expect to actually be able to capture netflix streams without a glitch for free, let's be serious.

But anyhow, my bad. Should have mentioned it's gonna cost something to get the job done.;)
Hmm, should have mentioned this, after all don't mind spending a couple of bucks on some Netflix Recorder as long as I can get the job done right.

Anyhow, thanks for the tip on this Tunebite Netflix Recorder, definitely gonna take a closer look at it and see how it works to record Netflix video streams for me.
Do hope it's nothing too complicated.
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Answered Nov 29, 2018

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