Confused.sad.frustrated.just don't really know what to do

OK so, I am frustrated with my past relationship. I just kinda gave up on the guy because we can never truly be together and it hurt like hell because we loved/still love each other. He said to never stop communicating even though we've broken up because maybe one day we'll be together. I didn't communicate because it was impossible to move on if I did. Now, 9 months after, I was OK without him even though it was difficult at first, I sent a hello and we started talking again and I feel like we're back to the same old feelings we had before and we just couldn't stop ourselves from expressing how we feel (we're not physically together). The problem is, I already have a boyfriend who makes me happy and I love him too. Is it even possible to love two people at the same time? What am I going to do with my ex? We're not back together and I don't think there would be us in the immediate future (we just can't be together because of distance). He's asking if that if I decide to stop communicating with him once me and my current boyfriend gets married that it's better if I stop communicating NOW. I also feel like I don't want to let him go but I also think that would be very selfish of me. I want him to be able to move on although he's saying he just can't. Is not communicating anymore the best thing to do? I don't want to hurt him again he says that he doesn't consider me cheating with my boyfriend when we're talking because "we're not together" anyways but I feel that as long as him and me are still communicating that none of us will be able to move one from our feelings for each other. I know for myself that If I continue talking to him even though I'm with someone already and married, that if I see him that's all it will take and we're back in each other's lives and to never be separated again and I don't want that happen because it would hurt a lot of people, esp. when I'm married and have kids already, that's why I would rather not do anything and if it's destiny that we're going to meet, then I'll face it. I want him to be happy and he says that it makes him happy that we're talking again and if I desert him and if he would have to live a lonley life, so be it. I do love him so much but we can't be together, I want what's best for him. What do you think is best for him and how should I tell him?
Asked May 22, 2011
Wait. I'm confused. You said, "I already have a boyfriend" and "I'm married and have kids already." What exactly is your relationship status? (Different answer for different status.)
well....mi mi thats complicated, well I think you should do what u think is best for him, n no I dnt think u can truely love more than one person at a time. thats something u have to do, u have to make the choice of forgettin ur past with him, n move on...or break up with the current boy n go with ur past, u need to decide who u really love n telll thenm how u feel...u get me??
Answered May 24, 2011
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