I think people should rule the world not polatics do u agree

i think people should rule the world no polatics do u agree
Asked May 20, 2011
Idealotgically, it is very difficult to separate politics from the people, especially in a democracy. The people elect and support candidates that reflect their political viewpoint. Practically it's somewhat different. It takes money to run political campaigns and once a politician takes the money, they are expected to vote in favor of of the donor's interests. It is my opinion that the current system used in the U.S. works fine except for the money part of the equation.

I would support a constitutional amendment that would prevent political candidates from accepting money from anybody not qualified to vote in the election with a limit on the amount. That way, they would take office owing their votes solely to the people that elected them.
Answered May 20, 2011
Edited May 21, 2011

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