Please, can someone answer my question?

Hello everybody, I am sorry this is a short question but I can't really think of a lot to write to be honest, sorry.
Well to start with I will tell you all that I need advice with my sexuality, I am bi-curious and I don't really know what to do can anyone give me any advice on what to do now, I don't want to be curious all my life please help me. I am 15 and female. I can't date anybody because there are no other LGBT people around my area plus I am really ugly, fat and I lack tons of self confidence. Sorry to keep poking holes in all your answers I really REALLY do appreciete them thanks all :)
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Asked May 15, 2011
Edited May 16, 2011
You know, I bet you at some point in school you'll hear about another girl who is les or bi. When you do, get to be friends with her so you'll have someone to talk to. A gay guy would be a good friend to have too. It would be great to connect to people who have had similar feelings or questions. <--- NEW PART

There are many bi people your age on this site, so I'm hoping one of them will be available soon to give you a response from their first-hand experience.

In the meantime, I'd say try to relax and don't worry. You won't be curious for the rest of your life, even though it may feel like it right now. Things will work out for you. :D
Answered May 15, 2011
Edited May 16, 2011
Well this is all I can think of. Why don't you try dating a girl if your bi-curious?
Answered May 15, 2011
i agree with skydancer.
Abrii May 16, 2011
Me too.

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