How can I make monney at 11 years old

Asked May 11, 2011
There are a ton of ways that an 11 year old can do to make money. It just depends if you're willing to work towards it. You can either have an allowance from your parents, or make a deal with them. Do chores, for an allowance. Work towards what you want.

My mom let go of the house lawn mower because it was kinda expensive. So she bought me a lawn mower so I could do it. In return, I got internet for me and my siblings at my new house now. Like bouchra said, you can sell of things if your parents are okay with it. Just be careful. You can also offer to do something for your neighbor. Like washing their car for them or mowing their lawn. There is a variety of choices. Just depends if you're willing to work for it.
Answered May 12, 2011
okay you will make some money at 11 years old ,that's easy , if you have something old in your house and you don't need it open a shop at your house things you will dispose it like some games or any thing etc .i hope thet will be working
Answered May 11, 2011
well get a allowence from parents or get a summer job or maybe a yard sale
Answered Nov 30, 2012
I have the same problem, I live in Ireland so I can't do much out doors-y stuff, I know it's cheesy but I earn a fair bit from a lemonade stand, Especially in the summer, And In America or Asia that works really well if you serve it with ice. You should make a deal with your parents over allowance, My sister's in Secondry school, and gets 20 euro a month for the vending machines. I complained that it's not fair so I got 5 euro a month- And a new phone next year :D but you could also sell stuff door to door like baking stuff or even just buy cupcakes from the store and sell them at a lower price.
Answered Dec 13, 2013

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