What is love?

like what is llove people say they love ya but just stab you in ur back like WHAT IS LOVE TO YOU?????
Asked May 11, 2011
to me...love is when some1 sais somethin n keeps that promise, its when there there for u no matter what, when they believe no matter what someone sais...its them thinking bout u for the longest bfor they decide to get any work done...its them choosin you over som1 that matters to them...love is alot of things...for every one its different...each individual has there own way of lovin, and a way of accepting types of love...
Answered May 11, 2011
love is the greates feeling ever ,we poeple can't live without love that doesn't make any scins ,if you love someone you can't hold on your self ,you fight for this person do any thing make's him happy .that's love mean
Answered May 11, 2011
I try to live by the Tibetan Buddhist definition of love, which is: love is the unconditional and uncontrived wish that others have happiness.

I see the "I can't live without him..." kind of thing as attachment that is not beneficial to either party. I don't confuse that with devotion or commitment.
Answered May 12, 2011
Love is a very confusing term. I love my wife; I love my mom; I love my dog, I love pizza and I love going to DisneyLand. Being "in love" is different than "I love." Someone could even say, "I love being in love."

Those of us that understand the language can parse all of the above with little effort but it's one of the terms that's a nightmare for someone trying to learn English as a second language. In current usage it seems to mean about any emotional attachment that goes beyond the ordinary. It can even be used to fake someone out before administering the knife in the back.

I love questions like this. :-)
Answered May 12, 2011
Edited May 12, 2011
quoting one of my favorite video games, Bioshock 2...

"Love is just a chemical, no matter the origin. We give it meaning by choice." ―Eleanor Lamb

honestly, I just love quoting that line...
anyway scientifically speaking, love is the result of a release of a chemical or chemicals (endorphins or seratonin or oxytocin or some combination of em...)

not scientifically speaking it is the warm, fuzzy feeling you get when you are with someone you care about.
Answered Jun 20, 2011
Edited Jun 20, 2011
Love to me , is power in us. (Here I don't really mean the infatuation I'm looking it as something true Love). People can't withstand that power that they fall in love. Additionally, Love is something which make us live hilariously with other again its fruits always taste good eventhough problems may come accross.
Answered Dec 25, 2011
Edited Dec 25, 2011

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