She knows she am a bi

well my mate tht I love (is a girl am a girl 2) finally knows am a bi, well now she is acting weird she keeps on looking at me sometimes touches me and she is so over protective over me, let me tell you how she knew bout me being bi....

well I told her best mate tht I was a bi and tht I liked her (she promised not to say anything well her sister is a bi 2) anyway we went out nd I slept over her mates house coz I had bad time coz I though I was gettin over my crush (my love) so the next day when I slept over her house we went out so we took pics and all tht and because I had a permanent marker and coz her mates sis was there I wrote me+her mates sister= bisexual buddies (i wrote the names but dont want to say it here) so her mate took a pic of tht and uploaded it to facebook and when I saw tht pic I was alright and the next thing I saw my crush liked the photo, and 2day we were comin bck from school and her other mate (best mate) knows bout it too so my crush was like if I turned lesbian would u still be my mate nd her mate was like yeah

so what does this all mean? please help me :) thank you :P
Asked Apr 26, 2011
I think she made be into girls. Your in luck I would say just ask her out already! :D go for it if she already knows your bi no biggie! Does she know you like her already though?
Answered Apr 26, 2011
no she doesnt :/ and I cant coz I think after I will do it she wont be my mte nomore :(
Yeah, see that's the problem too. Well I think you might of encourage her to come out if she does like girls your in luck and she might wanna come out to you cause you came out so try to make her come out to you in some sort of way. Make her feel comfortable around you as if she can tell you anything, be there for her and stuff like that, and maybe she will built up the courage and finally come out to you :D
curls Apr 28, 2011
thank you so much ;)
well said curls, well said
If u like someone go for it and at the end of the day if she can accept the bi thing then she must be able to accept u for who u r if u like her tell her u av nuffin to loose she cnt accept that u like her n treasts u different then shes not worth it
Answered Dec 24, 2012

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