How do u get a roll of toilet paper out of the toilet without getting in trouble by ur parents?

I was blowing my nose and I wasn't thinking and I accidentally threw the toilet paper in the toilet instead if the tisue! Now I am nervous that I will get in trouble by my parents if I tell then
Asked Apr 07, 2011
Well, since this is 4 hours ago, I don't know how you're doing. But this is a simple task really if you meant that you got a roll of toilet paper in the toilet. You will get your hands dirty yes but you'd have to risk it to not get in trouble. Find a small plastic bag, and bring it with you. Then here comes the dirty part, reach your hand into the toilet and pull out the roll. Slowly do it to avoid making a mess of the bathroom floor. Put it in the bag, tie it up and trash it. After your done, wash your hands and don't worry about it.
Answered Apr 07, 2011
My mom knossss
Snap, what did she do?
It's toilet paper. A roll costs about a buck so don't worry about the punishment.
Answered Apr 01, 2014
yes you are right @Derpatron. don't worry about the punishment. I am also try to purchase toilet paper and my friend suggest me a name BPA Free Rolls. thanks
Answered Feb 03, 2015

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