Is this a case of harrassment and discrimination by my co-workers and manager?

I had been suspened from my work place for 4 days for following orders by my lead hand to make sure a new employee did her job correctly and safe when I noticed she wasn't I let her know she was doing her job wrong her reply was to f-off and to go away and that's not how she was trained I told this said employee we were all trained by the same person and don't do it that way my union rep told me at least you still have your job. A few months earlier we were short handed asst. manager asked my lead hand to call some one into work she didn't follow the seniorty list I mentioned that and was told "pay backs and bitch and to be careful what I say. Later on I was told by a co-worker that the rest of the staff were either trying to have me fired or so stressed out with meaningless compliants to management I quit my joy I mentioned that to my union and was told to fill out a bill 168 form out to which I did. The following week I was fired for slurring my words to which I may have but due to a tooth ache follwed with a letter from my dentist that I had alot of dental pain and needed more work to be done. A few weeks later the job I was doing has now been moved to full time to which I would have got if not fired.
Asked Apr 05, 2011
Better to talk to someone with professional experience in handling these issues. A good place to start would be your nearest Equal Employment Opportunity Commission field office (if you're in the US). You can find the office here:

You could also check with a knowledgeable person in your union.

If it was harrassment and discrimination then you'd need to discuss with an attorney to see if you have a strong enough case to seek legal remedy.

Good luck.
Answered Apr 05, 2011
Step by step of how union grievance procedures are supposed to work:
Answered Apr 05, 2011

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