I want to marry one of my students, what's ur opinion.

I am a Lecturer. I want to marry one of my students, she is too cute, intresting to me. But d difference of age is too much. I am at 50 & she is at 24. Already I have 2 sons from d first wife to whom I am going to divorce. She often comes to see me, other wise she remains in contact by mobile. She is instigating me to fuck her but I avoid because I am intresting to marry her. Let suggest I should marry her or not, if ur answer is no, I must fuck her or not.
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Asked Apr 02, 2011
Edited Apr 02, 2011
You said you're "going to divorce" your wife... which indicates that you're married and cheating... so I'd say no, this isn't ok. End your marriage first before instigating a relationship with anyone else. Definitely don't have sex with the student. Just my opinion... By the way... if marriage doesn't mean enough to you to respect the vows you have, why would you even think about starting another marriage. Sorry...
Answered Apr 13, 2011
It's hard to imagine what subject you might be teaching if you allow your mid life crisis to interfere with your professional life. It's certainly not english. My advice would be to give her the "A" she's working for and go talk to a counselor about your inability to deal with your age.
Answered Apr 02, 2011
I have to agree with Rob - seriously; where are you from?? What person (in the first place) believes a 50 year old should even be with a 24 year old??? Most 24 year olds are immature compared to a 50 year old - all you want is a quick piece _____ which is very shameful for a "teacher". Pack up your "credentials" and get away from (what I consider) children bc, by the way, you are definitely old enough to be her FATHER. Your poor wife......
Answered Apr 12, 2011
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Answered Apr 12, 2011

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