I'm bi and I'm in love with a straight girl, do I have any chances?

I'm girl and I'm bi. I'm in love with this girl, who is my normal friend (she only comes to talk to me in break time and we're not in the same class. ) she is straight and doesn't know I'm bi.
she is kinda friendly, she always holds girl's hand and gives me some cute and flirty nicknames.
today, when she held my hand and called me "cutie", I told her in a playful way "don't touch me too much! otherwise I'll fall in love with ya!" then she answered, laughing "try! I'll let you love me." but after that, when I asked her "do you have any problems with gay or bi?" and she said "hm... I don't really like gay or bi, I'm just a girl and I like boys."
what do you think? pls help meee!
Asked Mar 31, 2011
Unless you have a reasonable explaination for why she might lie about it, you have to accept the idea that your chances are very dim.
Answered Mar 31, 2011
he is right dont ruin your freindship for something that is highly unlikely to happen.
I agree with Rob and channel_swagga I told my bestfriend I liked her and our friendship broke ): I regret telling her that I liked her ): just becarful what you do!
curls Apr 03, 2011
I want to tell my best friend how I feel but I'm scared incase she dont feel the same back - so it best to keep my mouth shut??
I would say yes, but it depends on your bestfriend too! But if you feel like you have to tell her then tell her go for it!
curls Apr 05, 2011
i was really close with my straight friend, then I told him I like him-.- I regret it now. whatever you do, don't tell her.
I agree with Rob, I suggest you start getting over her
Answered Apr 01, 2011
anithing iz possible dont give up on her like rob said . dont giv up on ur dreams
Answered Apr 03, 2011
If my bi/les friends' tales of woe have taught me anything, it's that falling for a straight girl usually ends in pain. Try falling for a guy, or bi or les girls... someone who's romantic interests are compatible with your own.
Answered Apr 05, 2011

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