What are the advantages and disadvantages of modernism

Asked Mar 31, 2011
"Modernism" is a word used to define a period in art, literature and poetry. The term can also be used in a cultural and social sense to describe the struggle between the ideas of the past and the present. I am assuming that is the context of your question.

Historically, the many different cultures of the world were very isolated from each other. The only input on the things that made up the culture came from what was handed down from their ancestors. How they thought, dressed, their beliefs, art and music were all repeated from generation to generation. The advantages were that people knew who they were, had standards of behavior and a high degree of excellence in what they produced. There was a strong bond among families and communities. Children grew up knowing what was expected of them and didn't doubt what they were being taught.

Then came radio, television, the Internet, international airlines and an almost endless supply of devices and gadgets to make life easier. The transmission of cultural ideas changed from vertical to horizontal. We suddenly came to the realization that we are not on this planet alone. Things that are happening in one part of the world can be viewed on the opposite side as it takes place. Modernism offers the advantage to learn so much about each other and a greater understanding makes for a more peaceful and productive world.

However, the horizontal cultural shift taking place right now is at the expense of sometimes thousands of years of traditions. Our cultural differences are disappearing in favor of spending our days texting, talking on phones surfing the Internet and trying to find our place in the sun. The greatest disadvantage of modernism is that it has created a world where everybody is talking but nobody is thinking. The challenge is to find the right balance between using the advantages technology offers without mankind being dumbed down to shallow clones who know more about what's on TV than what's going on in their community or the rest of the world.

Answered Mar 31, 2011
not enough.
answer for disadvantages is not there.
just that not complete
asked disadvantages ,not the definiton
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i think it is not advantage or disadvantage it is only time pass
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