Some of my so called friends are telling people that I'm bi.

I no I am but I dont want every one to no about it cause it will totally ruin mi life as I no it.
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Asked Mar 30, 2011
Edited Mar 30, 2011
Well do they know you don't want everyone to know? - if so then really there not true friends. Sometimes people find it hard to come out, which is fair enough and I guess you don't know how people will react. It can be for the good though if people know, you could inspire others to come out and it may make it easier for you to find someone especially if they know your bi. The thing is most people are shy and unsure if the person they like likes them, so they don't do anything about it...
well tell them you aint.and if there your freinds they should ask you not just say it to everyone
Answered Mar 30, 2011
the only proble is that it didnt start out this way you answered a ? on if I should ask out mi bff well I did try to but another 1 of them told this girl named mya who I dont trust at all well she iz tryin 2 tell evryone bout it.
please comment again u give good advise to me.:)
well then tell her that your not trust me I denied it well.but then I met my girlfreind and she was the one so it felt right to come out.and as for that girl who is spreading it.reframe from any convosations with her
thnxs but I cant reely refran frum talkin to her in skool we practicaly hve evry class with her
i dont know what to say then mate.just hide it
yea I agree. If you really dont want anyone to know then just deny it and eventually it will all just go away.
Answered Mar 31, 2011
its the best option but, to be honest I was never in denial.maybe its time for you to come out?

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