She tells she wants only me but wants to be with other guys. is something wrong?

i had sex with my girl. I feel she is mine and want to do everything for her. But she gets really irritated when I keep doing everything for her. when I ask her to be with me she doesnt like it. she wants other friends also to be around. she doesnt look at me if i'm alone. she'll always talk if someone is there next to me. I ask her to do something or teach me she just ignores me even if she knows it. but few others she readily does everything.. i'm I wrong in wanting to do everything to keep her happy?
Asked Mar 30, 2011
Yes that's wrong. A happy relationship is one where two people try to keep each other happy. Until both of you can communicate on the same wavelength, you need to back off and let her decide what she wants out of it.
Answered Mar 30, 2011
try stop doing it for a LITTLE while, and she will start missing your kindness. her eyes will probably open and she will want you back. this is an ugly old trick but as far as I know it works. at least it did work on me. :)
Answered Mar 22, 2013
You know my friend is in a relation almost like that get gf irritates me becuase shes a liar .... And her gf use to be my bestfriend
Answered Jun 26, 2013

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