I had sex with a random guy!

I was staying at my friends house for the weekend and we went up to her boy friends place when we got there my friends boy friends, friend was there and we went onto the tramperlene and my friend and her boy friend went into the house. the guy I was on the tramperlene with asked if I wanted to have sex and I said no but then he keeped asking so we did later that night I thought about it and now really regrete it. Can anyone help me on what to stay nxt time he ask's
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Asked Mar 30, 2011
If you feel that you need advice on how to deal with an unwanted sexual advance other than the obvious reply of "no," you need to look at your self image to understand why that is so difficult for you. It sounds like you feel other people's interests are more important than your own and they're not. As if the sexual thing wasn't bad enough, there are many, many other problems that feeling will create for you in your life if you don't get a handle on it.

Please Google, "assertiveness training" and read some of the information there. Here's an example.

Answered Mar 30, 2011
chances are he wont say anything :L so just be cool and pretend nothing happened. the guy probably just wanted some sex no strings attached just cos u had sex doesnt mean you have to disscuss it
Answered Feb 20, 2012
Answered Sep 08, 2013
If you really dont want to,then say no!
Answered Sep 08, 2013
Just be sure to use a condom next time or you can wind up pregnant or infected with an STD. And you should make sure the guy uses an antibacterial penis health creme too. This will ensure that he does not transfer bacteria to you during condom-less sex acts like oral etc because this can lead to odors and other nastiness. I use one of these cremes and my partners are very happy about it. Hope this info helps.
Answered Jul 31, 2017

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