Do I tell my friend the truth about her daughter?

I have a very large family and I am close to one cousin in partiular, but I found out her 14 year old girl had sex with a boy outside in a play park in the evening. I was disgusted when I heard this and called the girl in question, she seemed genuinly upset and promised never to do it again until she was legal and not just with a random. I agreed not to say anything although I feel so guilty. But my cousin has now found pictures of her in her underwear tht she was sending to this other boy. Should I tell my cousin she has slept with a boy. I dont want to lose any of them but dont have a clue what to do she is only 14 after all.
Asked Mar 29, 2011
YES! YOU SHOULD DEFIANTLY TELL! Its VERY wrong that she did that, she probably knows that, but still, she should know what consciousnesses there are, what if she gets pregnant? I'm young also but I was taught better to do something like that. "she seemed genuinly upset and promised never to do it again until she was legal and not just with a random." maybe a lie, but who knows I'd take the risk of telling her mother or father, or in your case my cousin about what her daughter did. And if she was sending pictures you'd never know what else shed been doing. Its a risk of the girls trust but its better then finding out what might happen in a few years or so. Then its up to what her parents think(Hopefully they make the right choice). Its just my opinion, but I'd rather share something very serious like this then leaving it alone and not sharing. You should only do, what you KNOW, you wont regret tomorrow. If I typed that right... :)
Answered Mar 29, 2011
You typed it right!
Rob Mar 30, 2011
i no she was brought up different. I was totally disgusted with her. I no she isnt pregnant I made sure of that I am just scared of me losing a good friendship with my cousin.
but thanks guys
Do you think her mom will consider you a better friend if you let her know what her daughter is doing or if you choose to do her job for her?
Rob Mar 30, 2011
you should cuze watch her get pregnet and then watch what she is going 2 do
Answered Mar 29, 2011
yeah tell her mum if she thinks your lying or doesnt believe you that her daughter would have sex or have those pictures then show her the photos and make sure that she confronts her daughter about it infront of you coz then she may tell her mum the truth.
Answered Mar 30, 2011

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