Am I Depressed?

I think I'm depressed. I'm a fourteen year old girl, and I feel guilty for feeling this way. I understand that people have it way worse than me, but I can't help it.

The thing is, if I told someone that I was feeling depressed, they either wouldn't believe me or think I was joking because I have lots of friends, I'm always the one that has a smile on her face. Always laughing. The thing is, this feeling comes and goes. I've looked up depression online and it says that it does that, but I just can't think that I'm depressed. It seems to harsh of a word. I feel so stupid because there's no reason behind these feelings.

Although I feel absolutely worthless, and often find myself thinking if this is all there is to life, I would never consider taking my life, or harming myself because I think that's pathetic. I just need to know if I have an issue, or am I just being stupid? Thanks.
Asked Mar 27, 2011
Alot of things can cause depression. If there's not a reason for you to be depressed, then you really shouldn't be. Since you're 14, you are still probably trying to figure out who exactly you are. You seem like a happy person to me, and if there is no reason for you to be depressed, I really doubt you are. But, if something happend at school, or at home, you could have had a period of short-term sadness. Me, I have been diagnosed with depression, I have had it for about 3 months for reasons I really don't feel like talking about. And yes, it is hard for people to believe someone who says they're depressed when they have what seems like such a good life. I don't think you're being stupid, I understand that you're confused. Maybe you should just try to talk to someone who you trust, and see if they can help. Depression usually consits of being sad basically 24/7, loss of appetite, loss of energy, and you won't feel like doing all the things that you like. Plus, you'll wanna just lay around and do nothing. If you really think you are depressed, then you should deff go see a docter, they can give you meds, or they can just be someone to talk to. Just remember: there are soo many people who have it worse, just like you said. I hoped I helped, and I hope you figure it out.
Answered Mar 27, 2011
Thank you! You really helped. : )
Anytime! I'm glad to help. :]
yes I think you are depressed but what are you depressed about
Answered Jan 10, 2013
Although most medical professional think that at 14 you could not possibly be depressed because your brains not fully developed yet,I think that's rubbish...try talking to family or a doctor =)
Answered Aug 21, 2014

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