Am I sick or?

I woke up on Saturday and felt really dizzy. I had nauseous,dizzynes,headache. Then the room I was in started spinning so I lyed back down but it kept spinning. today the same thing happend! What is wrong with me?
Anonymous User
Anonymous User
Asked Mar 27, 2011
If it only happens when you stand up quickly, it's likely low blood pressure. You should see a doctor.
Answered Mar 27, 2011
i have school today and I dont know if I am going. My mum says it is just a fever but I said it is more then that
If you feel dizzy all of the time, that could be an inner ear infection affecting your balance.
Rob Mar 27, 2011
i will see how I am in morning idk yet but hoping it will go away
Try to sit down for like 5 min before you get out from bed. but still go see a doctor
Answered Mar 27, 2011
You should go to see the doctor

Answered Apr 20, 2012

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