I like this girl, but I am wondering if she likes me/ should I keep trying?

Ok, here goes… So about a month and a half ago a new girl started at work that immediately grabbed my attention…We’ll call her Pat. She is tall, blonde, smart, cute as hell and she made me look twice and then I looked a third time. Turns out, she was single and legal! Which is good news to hear when you’re in college lol. Anyways, I made it my mission to get to know her and began to help on dishes sometimes when she was doing them (I never do dishes, so of course my boss noticed this right away and so did everyone else). So we began talking and that eventually led to all out flirting and spraying each other with water. I got her number one night on Facebook at like 330 in the morning and told her Id text her when I had something cool to say. The next weekend at work (Cause I only work weekends and so does she) the girl scouts were selling cookies. We each bought some but she forgot hers at work, which provided the perfect opportunity to text her. Long story short, after she forgot her cookies at work 3 nights in a row, and on Sunday night I offered to bring them by her house on my way back to my college-nbd, plus brownie points! I asked her to hangout during the week to which she said yes and try as we might, it didn’t work out. The only day I would be at a half way point between the town she lives in (also where I live during the weekend and summer) and the college I go to (where I live during the week)was the day of her sister’s birthday. (I am a poor college student and can’t afford to drive the 40 minutes just any day of the week and I had an appointment on that day so of course I told her that would be the day to do something—but sister’s bday, blah). No worries, when I got back home to work for the weekend I asked her after work on that Friday to do something that Saturday to which she excitedly said sure. Saturday night came and I got off work and texted her to see a movie… she was tired and said she wouldn’t be able to make it though one, so I countered by saying we should watch Scrubs (We both like it and I have some possibly DL’d seasons of it). We tried but I forgot my Xbox was broke, so we instead talked for like 3 hours. She spent the time texting her friend and while she was not doing that, she was twiddling her fingers and fidgeting with some piece of string on her pants. Another week passed and then spring break came. During those two weeks I talked to her on facebook occasionally and during spring break I texted her to do some stuff once in a while (like twice, but she was busy and I can’t blame her cause its spring break and all her friends were in town). So now just last weekend at the end of spring break after being told she was busy twice and at one point she did not reply to texts I sent her (turns out she really was sick and I thought she said she was sick as an excuse lol). On Sunday, I asked her to a movie again but this time with my friend... We’ll call her Jordan. However, she is still sick :- ( And now it’s today and today was suppose to be movie with Pat and Jordan day! But she is sick….

I guess by now you’re wondering where this is all going and why? Well, I am pretty sure she is into me…

-I catch her staring at me sometimes. She smiles when she sees me. We flirt a lot. She laughs at me and what I say. She was nervous around me when she was at my house (fiddling with fingers and playing with string). She stays up waaay past her bedtime of 10-1030 to talk to me and when we get out of work at midnight on Fridays, we usually go for a walk for an hour and by the end of it she is noticeably very tired. We have stuff in common… Now we don’t talk everyday or for that long, but Im trying my hardest to not scare her off by being too forthcoming and shouting from the rooftops “I TOTALLY LIKE YOU!!!” I’m doing that whole, “get to know her and hang out with her a few times” thing (which is new to me).

I am wondering if I should just give it up already? If a girl likes a guy, she will find time to hang out with him, she will text said guy, she will message him on Facebook and will make excuses to see him right? I don’t think she is avoiding me, but she isn’t trying very hard I guess… she is just a busy person with college and work right? But still, I’m a hella busy person and I make time up to do something with her (even though we’ve only hung out once) and I’m so antsy trying to get to know her and hopefully date her. Also, I think she is shy and she comes off as a ‘good’ girl..

So I guess I’m just very anxious and wondering what to do now??? I’m new to the dating thing… Getting drunk and having sex with some girl is much easier lol. No strings, no relationship, but not what I want. I’m trying to start something with her and I guess idk how long it takes or if I’m even doing it right or if I should bother to keep trying because she isn’t into it or something???

Well, I wrote as much as I could so you could get a clear picture. Thoughts, ideas and comments will be much appreciated : ) Thanks
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Asked Mar 23, 2011
Edited Mar 23, 2011
You're worrying about what plays to run to get over the goal line when right now you're on your own twenty yard line. Relax; it takes time.

To build a relationsip, do as much as you can to become an important part of her life. Get involved with the projects she's working on any way you can. Try to get to where the two of you depend on each other. Instead of worrying about where the relationship will be months for now, just make all of the time you spend together a lot of fun and don't assume the role of a lovesick puppy no matter how you feel. Be the alpha male and give her as much strength and support as you can. The object isn't to get where you want to go, it's to create a situation where the two of you can go together.

Answered Mar 23, 2011
i dk cuz I never benn bi and maybe I will look for a pretty girl
ok I know thats right
wow thats crazzy right
i know I am
what uo sammy boo
am srry!!but try!!!!!
Answered Mar 31, 2011
Aw, bless you for trying so hard- first let me mention that I have been with my boyfriend for 2 years and he has NEVER tried so hard to please me. xD I feel as clueless about his feelings as you do about hers msot days, so if its her personality, then it will never change :L
Then again, she might have heard somewhere that guys like 'hard to get' and 'independent' girls...load of bollocks in my opinion but there u go. At the moment it sounds like she might want to do more/go further with you but something is putting her off. She might be new to the whole boyfriend thing too; try talking/asking her about things that will bring you closer. My best advice is- and this is what I would do, but that's just me ;)- ASK her what she thinks of you. Then come and repost and we will translate the girlspeak. Either way, it sounds like she is totally into you- good luck! :)
Answered Nov 12, 2011

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