Moved to new neighborhood and my indoor cat got out, will she come back?

I have tried everything from walking everynight to putting out old cat litter around house to putting out food and a blanket she would normally lay on. She came in the garage 3 nights ago , she sniffed, looked at me w/ huge eyes and ran off. We are leaving the garage open and door to house open so she can get the scent again and maybe come back. it's now 5 days and will be 5 nights tonight. I am so upset, she's my baby and I really don't know what more to do. I have flyers up and have talked to some neighbors. HELP PLEASE!!!!
Asked Mar 22, 2011
Edited Mar 22, 2011
Make sure you contact animal control or the pound to put them on alert that your cat is missing. Check to make sure she hasn't been found by them ASAP! Check in with them regularly until you find her. If your old place is nearby, check to see if she's hanging out around there. Let your old neighbors know as well, and post fliers there. Good luck!
Answered Mar 22, 2011
Cats are very smart animals and usually know where to go back home to. Moving might have gotten him confused but if you give him time he will probably come back to you. I hope you find your kitty cat! :)
Answered May 24, 2011
well it depends on relationship u have with her
Answered May 24, 2011
You shouldnt even be worried about your neighbors cat ?
Answered May 25, 2011
read the question over again
Alexa May 26, 2011
its not his neighbors cat he moved into a new neighborhood... did you even read it? lol
Answered May 27, 2011

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