Why is he saying these things and doing these things to me?"

I had a previous question about the guy I like in my class but if he say... was talking to me one minute then next minute he isnt. At lunch time not long ago about a week ago he look at me and started copying what I did. So if I picked up my lunch box he picked up his. It made me laugh BUT I seem to have a habit of staring at him and he says What are you lookin at and I say nothin. Then he sometimes swears at me like not much but sometimes. I think he doesent like me and he hates me. I try to talk to him but he ignores me then I get really upset and think I did something wrong. :( What should I do?
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Asked Mar 20, 2011
Edited Mar 21, 2011
do wat yu gotta doo my friend just came back from saspention and yayayyaya

well then tell him I like a boy and I dont talk to him cuz im scared to. and hi thank you im so happy
awww I luv ya sammy boo well im sleepy arent yu
ya I benn up all night
oh yu excited and yu rilley mean what yu say about yu being you know the thing we were talking bout
i think that you should ask him if he likes you as a mate because that would be a start because if he says that he likes you as a friend then you would know that he does not hate you :)
Answered Mar 22, 2011
I know but I dont have the guts to.It isnt easy Only PROBLEM he likes another girl. I dont know if he still does like her. I just get so frustrated and sad cause of what he says
wtf are yu talking bout
what is your problem
I like Tarajoanne's answer: ask him if he even thinks of you as a friend at all since it's hard for you to tell from his behaviour. Overall, it sounds like he isn't very kind to you... and maybe you could find better friends?
Answered Mar 22, 2011
I try to but you probaly know how hard it is to give on someone you really like. Something just keeps pulling me back. :(
hey im back from being supended.skydancer you look pretty
i know thats right girl
wow you are crazzy
thank yu very much
have yu ever felt excited befor
Answered Mar 23, 2011

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