How can I tell if I am truly bisexual?

For about 2 years now I have been confused about my sexuality, at first I thought I was gay/lesbian now I think I am bisexual but I am not bicurious as I have kissed girls before and I have had a very brief relationship with a girl but it was so long ago I can't really remember how it felt, you know. I really need to figure this out, I would like some real helpful advice please.
Ps I am 15
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Asked Mar 15, 2011
Edited Mar 15, 2011
thats ok but one thing my friend sammyboo said that its not right though but yu dont have too be a shamed off your self
wow you are so pethatic thanks alot
Just give yourself some time. I had a boyfriend in high school. from age 18-27 I dated women and couldn't imagine being with a guy. I was with one gf for 7 years. The something just shifted. Then at 27 I started dating men and can't imagine being with a woman. The point is, don't stress or think that you have to figure it out right now for all time. Just relax. All that matters is that you are honest with the people you date about any uncertainty you might have. It's not nice to lead people on or jerk them around by the nose.
Answered Apr 24, 2011
Edited Apr 25, 2011
Since you are 15 you may think that you are "gay" but maybe your not. Like BrightStar said, just give yourself some time.
Answered Apr 25, 2011
im not a lier but do yu think im bi I dont know the answer yet but I think I am
Answered Mar 16, 2011
I think the person seeking help would appreciate constructive and non judgemental advise, and not some petty eight year old "well my mom says it's wrong" bullcrap response you just gave.
Bisexuality will NOT ruin your life. So what, you like girls and just happen to be one too. This is VERY natural. Bisexuality is a beautiful way of expressing the person you are, no one should ever feel ashamed of it. I'm almost positive that most girls feel some attraction to other girls, be it out of admiration or maybe you have a female role model that inspires you that you may feel attracted to, I will tell you that most girls go through this confussion, it's alright. You're still young, you have so much time to find an answer. Go with what your heart tells you(sorry,as corny as that sounds) but someday it'll be easier:)
mate dont lisn to this fuckers that r sayn its wrong when I was 8 or 9 I had a gf (ummm dont think I sould tell u everything) but im 13 turn 14 im bi I dont give a fuck what people think cuz im not afaid to say it ill go up to the school and scream out im bi who cares ur chose not others who cares how old u r its ur chose (donno if iv spellt everything right but anyways) hope this helps lol see yaz
Answered Apr 29, 2011
ok and how old are you cuze all u are relly doing is know that u dont want to stay with any boys so all you go to is girls and that is not the answer when you meet the right one then you will know dont rulein your life
Answered Mar 15, 2011
Please don't say thing like this many people may find it offensive, one person in particular being me. If someone is LGBT then they are not ruining their lives they did not choose to be that way!
I am bisexual and I am completely happy with it, this is just confusing to this young girl please stop.
Thank you very much night_angel :)
well really its here comment soo if you have a promblim just dont say it like that
well clerly im telling you wat u should do with your life hey you ask a questine and I answerd it for you and secound avole its called im in class and I am triying to hurry up
Sammyboo, you spell like you're 6. give yourself at least 15 years for you to even begin giving any input on life, and advise on how to live it.

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