Is it wrong for me to be inlove with a 11 year old girl?

She's in 6th grade I'm bi I'm a 14 year old girl in 8th grade .. do you think its wrong?
Asked Mar 11, 2011
no I dont im in the 7 grade and shes in the 6 dont mean any thing im bi so wat
NO, I dont think its wrong but everyone has there own opinion about it, im in a similar situation except im 15 and shes 18, I say age doesnt matter as long as you both feel the same, just be careful with love its a strong feeling that can hurt but also heal
Answered Mar 11, 2011
Okay thabks (: I hope your situation works out :D
curls Mar 11, 2011
yea you are very right though
She is a child, and so are you, legally. But, while I understand that sexual feelings start around 12-13, this is a child. Anything sexual or relationship-wise is confusing, let alone a bisexual request when the child doesn't even know their own sexuality yet. I would say walk.
Answered Apr 02, 2011
But she is mature for her age
curls Apr 13, 2011
11 years old - YES - way to young!!! You need to walk and find a more consenting person (key word here - they have to want to like you too). 11 year olds do NOT know much about anything at this point. Let alone sex, who they like and who they shouldn't like. Step back quickly from this one!
Answered Apr 12, 2011
She's different..
curls Apr 13, 2011
god she is eleven I mean yea and how old are you it really depends
Answered Apr 13, 2011
BUt she is mature . she doesn't seem like a 11 year old
curls Apr 13, 2011
Even though both of you are legally children, there are a few things you need to understand about statutory rape. Many states make a legal distinction at the age of 14 and in relationships between children where there is a 3 year or greater age difference. So legally, if her parents got pissed about what may or may not be going on between you two--which they probably would given that you're both girls--you could wind up in MAJOR trouble, like juvie, etc.

So, yes, this is probably legally a very wrong thing to do.
Answered Apr 13, 2011
no mate u guys love each other thats all that matters
Answered Apr 21, 2011
My opinion is that you should wait a little. I'm not someone who cares about year difference but Just wait a little bit because both you and your crush are young and have people to meet.
Answered Apr 27, 2011
No, it's not wrong just follow your heart. If you were 20 or something that's a different story.
Answered Jul 27, 2017
No, it’s not wrong, I had a 5 year old little girl fall in love with me at age of 14. She had a great big crush on me. So it’s normal to be crushed on.
Answered Sep 12, 2021
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Answered Oct 21, 2021
No, I think that's a fair spacing with age but even more so when it's two females
Answered Dec 06, 2021
have you kissed a gurl but she is strait and she is sexy but how do I tail her I like her but I have a gurl friend and im a gurl so my baby gurl know I kissed he but I dont like her no more but I need another gurl to be mine
Answered Mar 15, 2011
Is this a question or an answer, if it is an answer then I am sorry to say but I don't really see how this could help. If this is a question please post it as a question so people are able to help you, do not ask a question of your own on someone else's question.
Totally agree with with you Sexy2011
curls Mar 15, 2011

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