Plz help

Ok so I'm 17 and I've liked my bff(a girl) I'm a girl too. It's been 6 months that I've liked her and I think I'm bi but only with her I mean I don't look at other girls like the way I look at her once at a sleepover we made out n she told me she really liked it n it happen a few more times after that she holds my hand a lotta times n I just don't know if she likes me back I'm really confused plz help
Asked Feb 27, 2011
She may be as confused as you are. It sounds like the two of you are pretty close and have crossed a lot of bridges already. Do you think you could talk to her and ask her how she's feeling? Does she have other crushes?
Answered Feb 27, 2011
I actually did talk to her about it but not in a very serious way tho. I don't think she has a crush on any one as of now n I don't even know if she thinks of me in that way or not....we have our exams on rite now so I was thinking I should talk to her more seriously about this once they are done but what do u suggest I should say I mean I'm really confused!
Good idea to let exams pass.

Maybe create an environment where she can feel safe saying anything to you so she's the one who goes first if she feels the same way. Try to get her alone where you can talk privately. Or drop a few of these as hints in her ear every once in a while.

Maybe say things like (if they're true):
-- "I feel more comfortable with you than anyone else I know." Then maybe tell her a cute and goofy secret about you that she doesn't know.
-- "You know you can tell me anything no matter how strange you think it might sound or even if you're scared, right?"
-- Let her know you trust her and if she had something private to tell you then you could keep a secret because you'd never want to hurt her, and you're there for her no matter what.
-- Tell her you feel really, really close to her and she means a lot to you. That there's nothing you two can't get through together.

Alrit I'll surly try that thanks a lot :)

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