I'm a girl who's in love with my girl best friend for almost 8 years

we've been good friends since high school.. that's when I realized I was falling for her.. we do everything together! I even treat her as my girlfriend but she never asked, clarified or even complained about my actions! I told her how I felt when we were in our freshman year in college.. she hated me for that and have not spoken until junior year.. we were close friends again, I fell for her all over again.. senior year, this guy shows up and became her boyfriend.. it drove me insane seeing them together! I ended up telling her that I still have feelings for her after all these years.. but then turns out they broke up and now she's asking for my advice.. I honestly don't know what to say.. I want to forget her but she still treats me as her best friend.. WHAT DO I DO??
Asked Feb 25, 2011
It sounds like the two of you have different ideas on what your relationship (or lack of one) is about. She likely does consider you her best friend but I don't think that's the answer you want to hear. If she's asking for your advice, that's probably the best opening you'll ever get to find out what her real feelings are. I'd explain everything you've written in this question and ask for her advice like: "What should I do? Is there any hope for me to hold on to this dream?"

Listen closely to what she says. After eight years and the previous experiences you've had, she has to have a definite answer to that question.

Answered Feb 25, 2011
Rob can you comment on one of my questions I really need your help.
Imbiami May 04, 2013
if its to be it will happen

just dont give up hope u see I like a gril even see has a boyfriend and is is a grade hight than me ill never give up and I am a boy sincerly w123321

sry I said gril I ment girl lol
Answered Feb 27, 2013
Edited Feb 27, 2013
Tell her how you feel! I know it might sound scary but you never know what might happen until you try! If you dont tell her now you'll regret it so much in the future,even if she might turn you down, it would be better to tell her and get it off your chest.But if your friendship might be on the line then consider time before telling her.Look at the pros and cons and try to add them up. Then go from there.But talk to someone you trust about it, they might be able to give you advice and you wont feel so alone about it and you wont be holding it in.
Answered Apr 01, 2013
its not possible.. leave her with her boyfriend only.. bcz u r a lesbian n she is a normal girl..
Answered Jun 08, 2013
I went through this issue, now because I told her to leave her ex bf, and be happy with who she is she got with girls infront of me and jeeze it hurt! Then threesomes started happening and I became sexually involved with her too, and things were fine till Christmas last year when she got with another of my best mates and I couldn't handle my feelings for her anymore I became serverly depressed and suicidal, I spoke to her yet again on new years eve, and told her exactly how I felt, and her reply was ' I know how you feel and I feel the same back but I don't want to ruin what relationship as best friends that we already have im sorry ' at this point my heart broke into a million peices... After this all happened we fell out and now we don't talk nor see each other... Hardest thingn ever when you do still love someone! But I fell in love with her in school at the age of 13 im now 21... I've been in relationships one of 4 years which caused me and her to stop talking too but when we started talking again it seemed like nothing had ever happened. Gosh I miss her!
Answered Jul 09, 2013
Try harder to own her back!
I was in love with my Bestfriend were both 18 and girls don't fall in love with ur best friend ur just makin it awkward
Answered Aug 19, 2013
it can happen
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