I'm a girl and I'm confused if this girl I like likes me back?

I'm 15 .. & I'm bi. I fell for my best mate last year and I still like her. Last year, she was with this guy and when she broke up with him I told her I liked her & she admitted she had liked me while she was with him. But the day after she told me, she said that she couldn't like me because it "wasn't her". After a year, I got over her but we got close again and once again.. I fell for her "/ she's with another guy now and he knows I used to like her. I told her I like her again and she is completly normal with me, but when its just me and her she'll hold my hand and be really close and touchy with me.. but when he looks over she'll stop. she talks to me ALL the time online and says the only reason why she comes into school is because of me. I just don't know what to think!? i'm so so so confused.. does she like me? or am I just thinking she does because I like her loads. help? "/
Asked Feb 25, 2011
Well, she does like you. But not enough to get public. I'm bi too. And I dont really like getting public with a girl either...only because of what people might think. And that's exactly how she is. She is really scared of what people think of her. If I were in that situation (which I kind of am) then I'll just be her friend until she is ready for yuh(: hope all goes well(:
Answered Feb 25, 2011
Sweety, she likes you its just that shes afraid what other people will think of her when she is so say dating. But she does like you its pretty obvious and during those times when she had a boyfriend and said she liked you was probably experimenting and again afraid what other ppl will think of her..
Answered Feb 25, 2011
I am not bi, truthfully I dont agree with it :( but im not going to tell u its wrong plz dont think that! Anyway I suggest you ask her privately. sorry if I made u feel bad or something I ddint mean to
Answered Apr 13, 2016

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