Which made in country is good for sony cyber-shot digital cameras?

There are number of countries manufacturing Sony cyber-shot digital cameras and assemble them using Sony technology, such as Japan, China, Malaysia, etc. Are they all in same quality and any advantages of using some countries products ?
Asked Feb 18, 2011
Edited Feb 18, 2011
Sony has plants all over the world. While I have no specific information on what parts are made where, normally large manufacturers don't make the same complete product in a lot of different plants, rather they will have one plant that makes batteries, one that makes lenses, one that assembles and so on. That is more efficient than having to buy all of the specialized machinery for a lot of different locations.

I would guess your chance of getting a defective camera would depend more whether you were unlucky enough to buy the last one made before the weekend like my Sony DVD burner I just put in the trash. :-)
Answered Feb 18, 2011
Edited Feb 18, 2011
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