Am I weird for my age?

Alright so I'm a 19 year old college kid and I tend to listen to music that is different for kids my age. I love to listen to Frank Sinatra and just the classics like that. I also love jazz. I just don't like music that most of my generation listens to. Oh and I forgot to mention I'm a guy.
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Asked Feb 13, 2011
Edited Feb 13, 2011
you are so not wierd for your age cause I like the same. I listen to all kinds of music so no ur not ;)
Answered Feb 13, 2011
Do not think you are wierd just because you like different music to other people your age I am 15 and I think The Beatles are the best thing to happen to music ever and I knit, I never go out with friends (I don't like my friends), I am clever (unlike my friends) and I am completely unique so don't stress about being "weird" because of the music you enjoy xxx all the best :)
Answered Feb 14, 2011
Edited Feb 14, 2011
I have to agree with you The Beatles are amazing.
No it dosnt mater what every you like
Answered Mar 11, 2012
im 13 a girl. So I'm different from you already. But all my friends listen to crap and go to Maroon 5, Katy Perry concerts. Whenever my friends get their iPod out I know its my cue to drift away because they start putting the music incredibly loud and belting out the lyrics to some taylor swift song that drives me CRAZY. I don't get the music of our generation.
I play the piano and the saxophone and usually listen to jazz and blues. maybe even to Adele a little bit. I don't fast upbeat songs, they make me have head aches. So yeah. Your normal. Because there are many people like you out there.
Answered Oct 20, 2012
You're not that weird, i'm 13 and I know there's an age difference but still. I am a Jazz, Blues musician, I enjoy listening to the hits today but I also enjoy jazz, its ligghtens the mood... My sisters think im weird but my parents listen to that too
Answered Jan 14, 2013
Love yourself .... Be kind gentle and sincere... If u carry this out u might inspire others with that attitude...
We all have A right to choice... U love listening to music other ppl in ur generation didn't even think about..!
And btw music does not have generation... It is loved by the heart... And soul... Don't give up on loving the music u like... Because the music u listen to says a lot about u..:)

( I no I give awesome advice... I'm just 13 btw... This was on a happy note to make u smile...
Now u can stop smiling
and now stop thinking about how I knew ur were smiling...;) ;)...)
Answered Jan 15, 2013
You can't be weird just cuz you like different music!
Anyways, weird people are good because, like nigahiga said, a world without weird people is like vanilla ice cream without sprinkles!`
Answered Mar 30, 2013

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