I'm a girl who kinda likes a girl but don't know if she's bi or gay?

So I'm in a 8th grade girl and this girl which is in 6th grade I'm not sure if she's bi or gay , well she's only in my drama class and thats like the only class I get to see her besides ressece and lunch, well a few weeks ago it was like freezing cold and then she came in the drama room and I was talking to my friend and out of no where I just hear her call my name and she comes up to me and hugs me tightly , she did that about two times.. last time we had to dance I had to dance with her for a min or two (Salsa) she told me I'm so stiff so she squeezed my hands all smiling as she leaned foward a bit but I took a step back and when we were dancing she was giggling and she told me that she heard of what I said about her cause I said she looks smart, pretty, and funny cause I know one of her friends and I was talking to her friend and her friend told her that which is true and when she was telling me that she was all smiley , and sometimes I catch her glancing at me , like there was this one time that we were all sitting down on the floor and she just kept stareing at me with a smile on her until I waved hello and she made a bigger smile and turned a different way and then I turned to see if she was still stareing but she was just glancing , and then another day past and we were sitting on the floor again and she was with me and my friend , and Idk if this is normal or not but she put like her hand behind me like on the floor Idk if you understand what I'm talking about but she did that .. and she's always like besides me or infront of me or in the back of me in drama , o yeah and this has happen a few times before already that me and my friends would be eating our lunch in a table and the girl who I think likes me is in one table ahead of us and then they turn around and glance at me and they'll say something about me .. and I'm not even stareing , last time me and my friend were walking down the hallway and she was a few feet from me and my friend and her friend and her turn around but she kinda smiles at me ,and also sometimes it looks like she wants to talk to me and I catch her glancing at me , she plays sports if that helps?
Asked Feb 12, 2011
well I like an 8th grader im in the 6 so it dont mean any thing thoe
Maybe she just really wants to be friends with you, sixth grade is quite but not too young and a confusing time for anyone to be questioning their sexuality just try to make friends with her and get to know her well enough before you aks her about her sexuality.
Answered Feb 12, 2011
wow I fink she likes u ask her bout her sexuality,
jus ask her out I dont fink she will hate u for tht I mean its not r fault who u fall in love with hope tht helps ;)
Answered Feb 12, 2011
Uh .. how do I ask her about her sexuality? She doesn't know I'm bi no one knows I'm bi only my friends .. I'm afraid to ask her out though (>_<)
curls Feb 14, 2011
i came out to my friends then other people knew some how jus ask her how she feels bout gay or bi people and jus ask her if u were gay or bi would u go out wiv me
somethin like tht good luck
Play truth or dare. Always works!
mzpsych Feb 19, 2011
Wtf! U both r too young!
Answered Dec 28, 2012
NoOne is to young to like someone dumbass.
Not to younge
im bi and I was in the same situatim once and I asked her if she had anythhng aginst gay people and bi people and lezz people and she said no because im bi and I said ok and we talked and got to know each other and then after a while I went out with her
Answered Jun 06, 2014
i have a qustion to ask u r u a lesbian, bisexaul or whatever u should know by now.
Answered Jun 08, 2014
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Answered Nov 06, 2017
Whether she's Bi, or Gay, you're in with a chance. Come right out with it, and ask her if she drinks from the furry cup. No point in beating around the bush, as it were.
Answered Oct 22, 2011
Ur sick these r little kids!
rackle Dec 28, 2012
rackle hush.If you don't like it just don't comment
ToHonest is too honest

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