Im 14 and me and my 18 year old boyfriend are having sex what is your opinion on this?

weve been doing it for a few weeks now.we love each other . He asked me to marry him as soon as im old enough . Some people say im growing up to fast but isnt love what most people take years searching for and to find it at such a young age means I have more time to spend with my true love. I no hes not just some stupid crush because iv never felt like this about anyone until I met him. I dont think im too young for sex either isnt it a way of expressing ur love and thats what I want to do.
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Asked Feb 10, 2011
First off he should of respected you a little more by not sleeping with ya until u where of legal age. And I know it can feel different then with anyone else youve been with .. but love is a deep feeling shared between two people and if he tells u sex is a way to express love for him , Id say hes a little punk who knew just what to say to have his way with you and u being 14 that should be the last thing on your mind at this point in your life .. depending on where you live can get married right now ,,look up the law where you live and tell him that with your parents consent you can get married right now ,,see what he says .. if he studders or doesnt say ok right away then I would dump his ass.. but if he says ok then I might be wrong about his and your love 4 eachother ....this is something youll have to figure out on your own ..and if it doesnt work out , u'll love again
Look my cuz was like you she had a bf who was 20 she was 14 and a half they had sex she got aids and was pregnant she "loved" him but he was a pedophile and lied to her he said I'm going to marry you and start a family but he lied he just wanted to get into her panties she had to get an abortion and was left with ugly scars and she never trusted anyone again also your throwing your life away look what if you get aids or something or what if he's just a pedophile how are you going to care for a child of you get pregnant it cost allot of money for a child also how are you going to survive if you drop out of school huh huh. Just stay away im disgusted of you we already know who you are but think of how much of your life will be thrown out!!!
Also p.s you should listen to me im in college I have been through many kids who say hes my love he trusts me bla bla bla and im telling you they ALL GOT HURT
P.s also im not being mean but hes going to jail if your a real person hes going to jail he is trust me locked up
The thing that concerns people about what you're doing is they realize the changes that take place in a person's life between 14 and 25. Most people 14 and 18 have never fully grasped the idea that they will have to be able to support themselves and what that means. If you bypass the years you should be getting educated and go directly to adulthood you're going to have a hard life.

It's not just you. Very few 18 year old men are ready to make a life-long commitment. What they say and what they do are most often very different. You may not have felt this way before but if you think you will feel this way forever you are wrong. The emotional phase of love dies down and then it becomes a series of chores like your parents do daily.

You're doing it backwards. The way to tell if a guy really loves you is DON'T have sex with him until your life situation gets to where both of you can take responsibility for what you're doing.
Answered Feb 10, 2011
Edited Feb 10, 2011
im telling you this becausi care somewhat: just couple months back I got involved with my bestfriends boyfriend . he is getting ready to turn eighteen and going into the national guard. loved him like crazy. im fourteen to and I kno where your coming from and I know where this is headed. one he could get you pregnant ad then he is goin to leave you alone with a baby or two someone could call the cops on this pedophile and get him in jail. stop fooling around with this boy and find someone your age to have sex with even tho ur under the legal age to even have sex
Answered Feb 13, 2011
yeah I agree with ally_boo10, he is way to old for you and you are to way young to be having sex anyway does you mother no you need to tell someone you can trust or a close older friend.
No one cares I'm under the age and I'm 14 and pregnant my parents know and my 22 year old bf got me pregnant my parenst will go through fire to keep the cops from finding out so yeah it's love
Faith1 Dec 28, 2012
Faith1 im disgusted by you
:| your a terrible person I hate your generation
Well going thro fire won't stop cops they will find you if your a real person
Dear, This is an illegal relationship for your boyfriend. I know it seems unfair, but the law won't consider either of your feelings. Sadly, if you love him, let him go.
Answered Feb 16, 2011
Sadly some people will never understand love
Faith1 Dec 28, 2012
Some people will never understand that they could die
aids is a very seriouse desise the singer from queen died from it
but if its luv its luv isn't it aslong as uur careful I don't see whats up with it
my aunt and uncle ar 10 years apart and they r happy
but don't have sex I understand ur curiouse and thats natural don't be in a rush 2 grow up do u really want to be responsible for a tiny human being yet
I think that if you love someone then it would be really hard to let them go. I honestly think that there is nothing wrong with it. My parents are seven years appart and have been married 17 years. If you guys are truley in love and if both of you guys are careful then I don't see a problem. I know it is illegal but so is texting and driving and people do that everyday. so good luck!
Answered Mar 30, 2011
Thank u so much this comment makes me weep
Faith1 Dec 28, 2012
People who text and drive go to jail dont they
i agree verry much with rob ... I think he is a lil too old 4 u ...
Answered Mar 31, 2011
My parents know about it what's the big deal u need to chill out
Faith1 Dec 28, 2012
You need to learn and stay in school
Every person here is probaly WAY older than you
Who's idea was this anyways? When a guy really loves you he'll take it slow. When he doesn't love you he'll take it fast. Don't have sex ! I'm 14 too your going to regret it watch!
Answered Apr 14, 2011
Finally a SMART. 14 year old here
i say its up to u im 14 and everyone treats us like lil kids I think that u should follow ur heart and do what u want wish the lore would let us
Answered Jul 03, 2011
Hey I've answered one of your questions before. I'm 17, so I'm gonna treat 14 year olds like little kids, cause you are. DEAL WITH IT.
Well im in college
And 14 is realy little
i'm 16 and it's normal for us to treat u like kidz but ur not really
I don't have one. Why should my opinion on someone else's sex life even be slightly relevant? As long as you're enjoying yourselves, I say knock yourselves out. Be careful to be at least a little bit discrete though, because if he is caught having sex with you, he will be put in Jail, and branded as a paedophile rapist, and sex offender for the rest of his life. And that wouldn't be right at all.
Answered Oct 19, 2011
My opinion is irrelevant. I will input it, but its not about what other people think, well in this case it is considering its illegal. You shouldn't be having sex until your at least 16 of which is the legal age. My sister is 14 (almost 15) and going out with someone who recently turned 17. They don't have sex yet, and aren't near that period just yet. Just as you shouldn't be. But like I said, my input is irrelevant.
Answered Apr 15, 2012
Hey I'm olivia, and my opinion is it's illegal. I honestly don't agree with your relationship.. sorry.
Answered May 05, 2012
it's illegal, he's a pedo, he might be playing you to get some young tang.
plus most girls your age say the exact same thing and it ends in disaster.
Better end it before you get knocked up.
Answered Oct 04, 2012
How about u shut ur mouth cause it's nothing wrong with it gay marriage is wrong but people still do it so shut ur trap
Faith1 Dec 28, 2012
Faith1 I lost faith in you I hope you see my comment of my cuz ł
hay gay marrage isn't wrong they r human being aswell u know my cuz james is getting married and I have nothing against ur relationship
and james is gay so..
Hey look faith_1 people are actually trying to help you. I mean bloody hell I've been down that path. My partner was almost put in jail and guess what love it would have been my fault. So how about you shut the hell up and actually pay attention to what people are telling you! Your only commenting on what you want to hear but sweetheart listen to us we know! And gay marriage isn't wrong your fucking bitch! The are humans too. What you are doing is wrong though so for fuck sake man up and dump that dipshits ass are make him wait whatever. People are taking time out of there lives to help you bitch.
jiyong Oct 05, 2013
Hi I'm ,Nadia and you know what I am in the exact same position I'm 14 and my boyfriend is 18 too. He also asked me to marry him when I'm old enough, my mom knows about it too... Yes we did it before and we are very carefull about it... We talked about the consequenses together and we know it is illegal but if you look around everyone is doing it anyway, I'm not saying do it just because everyone else is don't get me wrong! But love has no limits in our minds, every girl wants to find her true love and when she thinks she found it, be honest there's no way you'll let it go just because someone commented their opinion about it... We all have our rights about having an opinion... So if you really love him and you are sure about it then, good luck for you 2... You will know what to do just be carefull and save... :) hope I helped a little... :)*
Answered Dec 06, 2012
I am in the same place there Im 14 but much more mature. I feel like I should be 17 I am a freshman and I will be graduating next year because I am in advanced classes;have been since 6 grade. I might be pregnant and if I am I don't want him to get in trouble with the law. So If I am I am gonna try to hide it untill I move in with him this Summer. I'll be 15 by the time I would have my baby
Answered Jan 18, 2013
Edited Jan 18, 2013
"Love is Love",you will figure it out is it right or wrong.And have you been having sexual intercoursies with each other?
Answered Apr 16, 2013
well I think it's okay that you guys are dating age doesn't matter does it? but I don''t think he should sleep with you yet :/ this guy really does love you because his up for serious jail time if anyone knew about you guys.
Answered Apr 19, 2013
Okay I know you probably DONT agree with meh. But honey.. im a 14 year old girl who doesn't know who you are.. and Honestly if I didn't care about you getting hurt I wouldn't be answering this question. I am 14 and my EX was 22.. Ik its a bigger diffrence by 4 years but I had sex with him. Guess where it got me? We used protection. the condom broke. And now I have a baby.. And guess what? The father? Oh he moved to canada When I told him. So stop. dont get you're self into something you CAN'T get out of.
Hope I helped :/
~You friend Jasmyn
Answered Aug 15, 2013
Sweetheart, I know that you must feel really horrible. I know that you don't know me personally but I really feel bad for people like you because that could have been me 4 years ago. I'm always here for you if you wanna talk or ask questions then contact me. Darling I'll help you through any problems
jiyong Oct 05, 2013
i am 15 and I am dating a 20 yr old and we have sex so I dont think anything is wrong with it:)
Answered Aug 20, 2013
Answered Oct 04, 2013
I know what you mean I'm about to get married and 4 years ago my partner and I were in the same situation. It is against the law to have sex until you are 16 (during our relationship we didn't have sex) so I would suggest not having sex with him. And about your love you are a minor meaning you are under 18. There is a law that says someone older then 18 and someone younger can't date and if the police find out then he could be charged for rape, put on a child sex offenders list and maybe go to jail for a few months. My partner and I stopped dating a few months after he turned 18 because even the general public were judging us. Every time he took me on a date people thought we were brother and sister. I would suggest stop dating too but don't lose your relationship. Keep in contact and then when you are 18 you never know. But by that time he will be 23. I got engaged on my birthday.
Answered Oct 05, 2013
Just use condoms because a pregnancy at your age would be devastating. And get him to use an antibacterial penis health creme too.. this will keep his penis extra clean and decrease the chances of him transferring nasty bacteria to you. I use one of these cremes and my girlfriend really appreciates it. You can get one online. Hope this helps and good luck.
Answered Oct 30, 2017
You go girl! I know how u feel I can't wait till I'm 18 to marry the boy I love so much and there's nothing wrong with it my body is as mature as a 19 years old is and I'm only 14 so it doesn't matter
Answered Dec 28, 2012
well congrats about ur baby faith
it does not surprise me at al caus im only a 9 year old male and I have a 37 year old girlfriend ho I fuck a few times a week
Answered Aug 01, 2013
what why

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